CWHmaxx: New Bizerba Checkweigher Checks Food Exact to the Gram

Balingen, 20-Jun-2016 | Bizerba introduces a new checkweigher for dynamic weight checks on pre-packaged products in the fresh and dry departments. The fully automatic CWHmaxx checkweigher checks up to 250 packages per minute, providing increased process reliability by ejecting packages with incorrect weight. Thanks to its open construction with smooth surfaces, the checkweigher particularly lends itself to areas with high hygienic requirements. Equipped with an optional metal detector, the device can also check products for foreign bodies.

Food production requires high-speed processing between the incoming goods and outgoing goods departments in order to provide end customers with products of utmost freshness. Intensive checks are indispensable to comply with the pre-packaging regulation. In a production environment, the fully automatic CWHmaxx checkweigher can be used to check the filling quantity and for sorting and classification purposes. In addition to sorting packages into different weight classes, the checkweigher can also reliably eject food with incorrect weight.


In order to save time during cleaning processes and to optimally meet relevant hygiene regulations, the device’s framework is made of stainless steel, open at the bottom and constructed without unnecessary corners and edges. Moving the device is facilitated by the fact that all components are mounted to the framework. To minimize downtimes, all conveyor belts can be replaced quickly without any tools.

Equipped with an optional metal detector, the CWHmaxx becomes a combo checker that additionally checks packages for foreign bodies, making the process even more reliable. The combined system features a centralized display and control unit and a product memory for up to 100,000 products, saving food producers space, cost and time during product maintenance. Thanks to its modular construction, the checkweigher can be used individually according to customer requirements. Setup times and operator errors can also be reduced with the adaptable user interface. The 12” touchscreen displays all relevant data and facilitates the management of the unit.


Optional Extensions for Increased Safety

The CWHmaxx checkweigher additionally features software capable of providing clear analyses of production data and of compiling statistic information. Apart from the metal detector, companies can upgrade the checkweigher with a 7” color display with membrane keyboard, additional software solutions, trend control and additional separators and sorting diverters. A custom 24/7 service package is also available from Bizerba so that customers can be prepared for any equipment failures.