Checkout scale CS 300 ER-K

The CS 300 reliably integrates in existing cash register solutions

CS 300 ER-K checkout scale


Streamline your checkout system with the CS 300 ER-K checkout scale


If you're looking for faster, efficient checkout solutions, consider an integrated scale. Whether customers currently weight items themselves, or your server must take the time to individually find and weigh each item on a separate scale, weighing items can be a very time-consuming task. Equally, customers may find weighing their own items frustrating and unnecessary. The CS 300 ER-K checkout scale eliminates these problems with a high-quality, flexible weighing system.


A scale you can count on


When you choose to include the CS 300 ER-K checkout scale in your cash registers, you won't experience any downtime as the scale reliably integrates with existing cash register systems. The adaptable interface ensures no matter what roller conveyor system you are currently using the checkout scale can be installed quickly and efficiently.


The CS 300 ER-K checkout scale is packed full of functions and features which make it incredibly convenient and easy to use. For example, the scale has an ergonomic zero setting, meaning the machine doesn’t have to be repeatedly reset and no periodic re-calibration is necessary. The scale can operate in temperatures of -10 to 40oc, meaning it is able to weight frozen foods easily and work in hot environments.


Adaptable to your needs


Designed to be robust and long-lasting, the CS 300 ER-K checkout scale is a long-term addition to your cash register. From items being handled roughly to a till being in constant use, checkout systems must be able to handle a high-demand of work. The CS 300 ER-K checkout scale has been designed to handle high workloads and rough use, ensuring it delivers accurate measurements time and time again.


Unlike other checkout scales, the CS 300 ER-K checkout scale is adaptable to your needs and can be customised precisely as you wish. For example, you can alter what information the scale displays (weight, price, tare, etc) and choose a stand (angle bracket or short stand) which will best suit the till area. Contact us today and we will be able to assist with your project

Area of Use

  • Weighing system with separate load receptor for installation in cash register counter with roller conveyor
  • Cash register


  • Ergonomic zero setting and taring of the scale
  • RS 232 for connection of cash register systems
  • Hardware and software display to show price and weight
  • Data dialogs for current cash register systems are available as a standard
  • Reliable, high performance multi-interval weighing system - made in Germany

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Weighing system

  • High-end multi-interval weighing system
  • Long-term stability due to robust design
  • No periodic re-calibration necessary

Investment protection

  • RS 232 interface comes standard
  • Interface dialogs to current cash register systems are available as a standard
  • Freedom of choice concerning displays


  • Display on one side (weight, tare, unit price, selling price)
  • Display on two sides (weight, tare, unit price, selling price)
  • Display on one side (weight only)
  • Software display

Display holders

  • Stand
  • Alternative for stand: angle bracket / short stand

Operating elements

  • Tare key and zero setting key


  • Zero setting and taring as a separate box


  • RS232

Temperature range

  • -10° to +40℃


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