Supersmart Scan & Go Loss Prevention System

Supersmart powered by Bizerba – an entirely new shopping experience

The Supersmart Scan & Go loss prevention system consists of intelligent hardware components and Artificial Intelligence (AI) based software which optimises your checkout times and processes at the point of sale. Drastically reducing sale losses resulting from shrinkage or theft intentional or accidental.


Supersmart eliminates queues, makes the shopping process more convenient and reliable, increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.Enhance your customers experience in store by implementing the easy to use and intuitive Scan & Go Loss Prevention System. Powered by Bizerba in conjunction with Supersmart.


Customers can use and install an app on their phone or use a scanner in store. The award winning system is the new concept in self service checkout systems. Additionally the customer can pay with the App or use the traditional card or cash payment systems. With the built in artificial intelligence, coupled with Bizerba scales leaves nothing to chance and no products will be missed. In addition the system is seamless and with no delays in validation or calculation with the high powered built in software. 


Also consider the systems take up far less space than regular checkout systems, allowing each store to provide more checkout areas, reducing queues and speeding up the process. The mobile phone applications are available for IOS and Android. All data is stored in the cloud and this can be accessed back of office and in addition can be used in the case of disaster recovery.    


Scan & Go Loss Prevention System - How does it work?


Using the smartphone, tablet or scanner the customer scans as they browse the shop. At the checkout the synchronise the app with the scanner. The system then in seconds uses it's artificial intelligent software, weight verification and cameras to verify the goods in the trolley or basket. In seconds the customer can then pay and leave the store without any further checks.If you would like to speak to an expert regarding our unique Supersmart system then why not contact us today.


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Reliable: 95% recognition accuracy through reliable validation of the purchase in a multi-stage validation process, based on

  • Weight sensors
  • Shopping patterns
  • Visual recognition
  • Customer big data

Efficient: Validation of the purchase within seconds - about ten times higher throughput compared to cash registers


Self-learning: AI improves accuracy with each purchase by generating customer big data and identifying shopping patterns


Intuitive: Operation via Supersmart app with the smartphone familiar to the shopper

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Operating system for mobile app

  • Operating systems as from Android 4.0.3 or iOS 8

Suitable devices

  • Smartphones, tablets, handheld scanners


  • High availability
  • Disaster recovery
  • Automated scaling
  • Complete backup solution
  • Kubernetes Cluster Management
  • Secured Google Cloud platform, virtual private Cloud Azure/Amazon/Any-K8S providers are supported

Number of customers & items

  • System is completely dynamic and is not limited in terms of number of customers and items

Camera & Display

  • HD webcam
  • 5" LCD


  • LAN 10/100/1000 Mbit

Weighing ranges

  • S1: 30 kg/0.001 kg
  • S3 200: 200 kg/0.02 kg
  • S3 600: 600 kg/0.05 kg


  • CE, UL


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