Dynamic process scale CWPmaxx Bakery

100 % control of dough in the bakery industry

Due to its particularly robust design, the checkweigher CWPmaxx Bakery is ideally suited for use in the hygienically sensitive production environment of the bakery industry. The hygienic design required for this industry is exemplary. The open construction facilitates cleaning and minimises the formation of product residues.
No or few parts designed to wear: a continuous belt, no deflection rollers, no bearings. A long-lasting drum motor provides reliable propulsion.
Optimize your lines' efficiency and increase profits with fill quantity and process control.

Area of Use

  • Weight and fill quantity control of dough in hygiene-sensitive production processes in the bakery industry


  • Throughput: up to 250 products/min
  • Weighing ranges: 50 – 6000 g
  • Protection class: IP65
  • Optimized weight and fill quantity control with tendency control
  • Interface to Bizerba's data management solution _statistics.BRAIN

Weight and fill amount controls in hygiene-sensitive production processes

Hygiene problems with typical checkweighers occur at the transitions between infeed, weighing, and discharge belts. Here, dough remnants fall from the conveyor belt and collect in the system. The belt is narrower than the belt body. Consequently, dough accumulates on the belt body next to the belt and could re-enter the production flow. The CWPmaxx Bakery excludes such risks.


Less room for bacteria, short cleaning cycles, low maintenance costs

  • Fewer wear parts prevent expensive downtime: the system does not require drive or deflection rollers, since it uses just a single conveyor belt and one motor.
  • The transport belt can be removed quickly and easily.
  • If product particles fall down from the belt, they cannot fall into another part of the machine and cannot re-enter the production flow.
  • Fast, hygienic cleaning: the hygienically sensitive areas are open and freely accessible; machine parts and frames are rounded or inclined.
  • The load cell is hermetically sealed.

Newly defined using a modular design principle

Thanks to their modular design, Bizerba's CWPmaxx Bakery checkweighers can adjust to fit any production lines. Transport height can thus be easily changed on-site. In addition, separating systems, lights, signal tones, and trend control for controlling upstream systems are optimized for every product model. Numerous IT interfaces and a software connection using the Bizerba BRAIN2 network ensure long-term planning and investment protection far beyond the initial installation.


Consultation, project planning, and integration

Over time, CWPmaxx Bakery process scales can easily adapt to meet your changing needs. The wide range of configurations accommodates virtually any line concept and ensures operational capability for future applications as well.


Our team of specialists can help you find the best solution for your own specific needs. Let us design a custom-tailored checkweigher for you.

  • Rejection counter-checker, tendency control
  • Container fill level check
  • Pusher
  • Bizerba Industrial software BRAIN2
Max. weight 6000 g
Minimum load 50 g
Resolution from 1 g
Max. speed up to 250 units/min
Transport height 750 mm - 1200 mm
Conveying direction left to right / right to left
Belt widths 200, 260, 400 mm
Lengths of weighing platforms 250, 300, 400 mm
Display 12.1‘‘ SVGA color touchscreen
Rejection system Retracting belt, pusher (additional systems on request) incl. reject bin
Hardware interfaces RS 232, RS 485, TTY, Ethernet, I/O signals
Accessories Tendency control, signal lamp, emergency stop and much more
Protection class Transport system IP65, display IP65, hygienic design control cabinet IP66
Material Stainless steel 1.4301
Voltage 400V 3+N+PE 50/60Hz
208V 3+N+PE 50/60Hz
Operating temperature 0 ℃ to 40 ℃
Humidity 20 % - 90 %, non-condensing
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