GR analytical semi-micro balance

High performance of up to 0.01mg semi-micro weighing automatic self-calibration and ergonomic design. Speedy & simple operation to maximize performance.

Easy access door
A unique system allows the user to conveniently open or close the left or right side of the weighing chamber using a control lever. This system allows quick and efficient access to the weighing chamber.


GLP/GMP compliant
Allows GLP or LIMS balance management by outputting the balance ID number and weight used to calibrate the balance.
The data can be output to A&D’s AD-8121B printer or a computer, indicating date, time, balance ID number and calibration weight.


Requires little space
The GR series has a 30% smaller footprint compared with conventional balances. Its tall weighing chamber can accommodate large beakers.


Automatic adjustable environment setting: Adapts automatically to the most suitable environment response setting to minimize adverse external effects. “FAST”, “MID” or “SLOW” is displayed.

Area of Use

  • Counting
  • Percentage
  • Underfloor weighing


  • Automatic self-calibration: performs self-calibration automatically when a change of ambient temperature exceeds the preset temperature range
  • One touch calibration: allows quick calibration with one push of the CAL key
  • 13 multiple weighing units: g, mg, pcs, %, oz., ozt, ct, mom, dwt, GN, tl, t (tola), m (messghal)
  • Two-layer housing: durable construction minimizes negative effects of ambient temperature changes
  • Splash proof keyboard and display: protected from dust and spills
  • Data memory function: stores up to 200 sets of weighing data. Data can be output using numerical codes

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  • Density determination kit
  • Serial/Ethernet converter with WinCT-Plus
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Remote display

Weighing capacity

120 g to 300 g



  • d = 0.01 mg


Admissible ambient conditions

  • 5°C to 40°C / 41°F to 104°F
  • Relative humidity less than 85%



  • approx. 6.0 kg / 13.2 lb


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