Overhead track scale iL Special 1000O/OR/MP

For installation in manual or automatic overhead track systems

The overhead track scale iL Special 1000O/OR/MP ensures perfect weight recording and monitoring. It is characterized by a robust and service-friendly design and can be easily integrated in overhead track systems. The functional parts are made of stainless steel. It is supplied either with tubular rail, flat rail or roller hook.

Area of Use

  • Load receptor as overhead track version with load cell types BB500 or BB1250 as dual interval scale for weighing ranges of up to 1000 kg, for goods receiving, cold storage, shipping and commissioning
  • in combination with Bizerba weighing terminals it can be used for checking and commissioning


  • Up to 300 weighings per hour
  • 2 s/s strain gauge load cells
  • Infinitely adjustable weighing rail spacing
  • All functional parts made of stainless steel

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Due to the optionally different rail forms conventional versions of sliding and roller hooks, spread hooks, mandrel bars etc. and customized means of transportation may be used.

Standard rail forms are:


  • Round tube with a diameter of 50mm or 60mm
  • Slotted tube with plastic insert
  • Flat rails (e.g. 60 x 12 mm or 80 x 15 mm)
  • further rail forms upon request
  • All functional parts made of stainless steel
Metrologically approved weighing range

2 - 300 kg
4 - 600 kg
10 - 1000 kg
Metrologically approved scale interval

100 g
200 g
500 g
Weighing rail tube/slotted tube (mm)

Vertical travel of weighing rail

0.5 mm
0.5 mm
1.0 mm
Dual-range scale
1 - 150/300 kg
2 - 300/600 kg
50/100 g
100/200 g
0.5 mm
0.5 mm
Beef scale etc. (live weight scale before bleeding separate request)
10 - 1000 kg 500 g 300/600 1.8 mm
Measuring transducer for connecting to Bizerba signal conditioning instrument 1 strain gauge load cell
Stabilization time approx. 2-3 seconds
Ambient temperature Operation: -10°C to +40°C
Storage: -50°C to + 85°C
Speed of temperature changes max. 5 °C/ h
Load cell types each with 2 BB 500 or BB 1250
Protection type according to DIN / VDE 0470 Weighing terminal IP 67
Junction box IP 65
Own weight of 60 mm tube approx. 38/43/48 kg
Mounting and installation Mounting, adjustment, and electrical installation with load cell connection on the evaluation device as well as its power connection all comply with our operating manual and our connection plan in accordance with DIN/VDE regulations and regional EVU guidelines by authorized technical specialists.


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