Industrial software _connect.BRAIN

Standardized BX-Net language for communication with Bizerba devices

When you're dealing with plenty of hardware within your company, you need to make sure that everything connects up as you expect it to. You can do so by making full use of _connect.BRAIN software, keeping all of your Bizerba devices in contact with each other within a network.


Fail-proof communication layer


One of the worst things that can happen to your systems is a breakdown in communication. This can ruin the logistics of your business, and leave you without stock when you most need it. By making full use of _connect.BRAIN you can integrate all of your Bizerba systems without needing to worry about your devices separating from the network and causing logistical confusion.


Common communication language


_connect.BRAIN implements a consistent communication language throughout. This means that you won't find yourself with the unfortunate issue of some of your machinery being unable to communicate with others, or having to brute force fixes in later patches. _connect.BRAIN pulls every piece of hardware together and makes communication as simple as possible.


A range of interfaces


Moving away from an interface you're accustomed to can be hard. It can slow down your workflows and even lead to bottlenecks if left too long. _connect.BRAIN's range of interfaces (including 2File, 2DB, 2SAP and more) means that you can keep using the interfaces you're most accustomed to in your work.


A range of supported devices


_connect.BRAIN supports over 50 different devices, from inspection systems to more standard labelling devices. Every device you use in the workplace can be connected with the same language on the same platform, so you don't find yourself losing track of any aspect of the workplace.


If you're interested in workplace cohesion software that can increase your company's productivity, _connect.BRAIN is key to securing all of your Bizerba products and getting your workplace running at its best. Contact us today for more information


Area of Use

  • The communication tool _connect.BRAIN integrates Bizerba industrial scales, checkweighers, labeling systems and printers into the existing process and software world.


  • Standard EDP connection of all Bizerba Industry devices
  • Common communication language (GX-NET)
  • Fail-proof communication layer (used for many years)
  • APP access via _connect.BRAIN web service
  • Various standard interfaces: 2File, 2DB, 2SAP, DCOM, ActiveX, Web service (SOAP and REST)

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Basic module

Standardized BX-NET language for communication with Bizerba devices Programming via BCS (DCOM server) or ActiveX - control element (BCC) Programming example in different languages



- _connect2File:

Receiving and sending of data and control commands in form of XML files with BX-NET commands to connected Bizerba devices.


- _connect2DB:

Storing of spontaneous device data in a SQL server or an access file. File export function to the file formats CSV, XLS, MDB.


- _connect2SAP:

Basis for storage of weight values via _connect.BRAIN in SAP. From the SAP side, depending on the application, different SAP components must be used or customized (by programming). The SAP Packing table is supported w/o Z component if the destination in SAP is created.



Virtual, metrologically approved data storage


Supported devices

Labeling devices:

  • GD, GH, GLP, GS, GV, GLM-I, GLM-E, GLM-B, GLM-P, GLM-L, GLF, GLM-E Retail, GLM-Imaxx, GLM-Ievo




  • BT, EL, WM, CWL-Eco, ITC1, ITC2, ITC-S, ITE, ITS, ITL, ITU, MCE, MCI, ST, NTScale, iS50, eS10, iS20, iS30, CWA, A&D GX-K, A&D FX, WM-T, Siemens 3964R, scanner, terminal, ADDI-DATA IO card

Inspection system:

  • BVS-I maxx

Computer and processor

Processor with 800 Megahertz (MHz) or better.

Server (_statistics.BRAIN): Computer and processor with 1,500 Megahertz (MHz) or better



Monitor with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels or higher



At least 2 GB main memory, recommended 4 GB main memory


Hard disk

approx. 300 Megabytes (MB). Part of this hard disk storage is released after installation if the original download package was removed from the hard disk.

Server (_statistics.BRAIN): approx. 1.2 Gigabyte (GB). Part of this hard disk storage is released after installation if the original download package was removed from the hard disk. Additional hard disk space to create databases and database backups.


Supported operating systems

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 x32/x64 edition
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Edition
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012
  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Microsoft Windows 8*
  • Microsoft Windows 7 (Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate) x32/x64 Edition SP1
  • Microsoft Windows Vista (Business, Enterprise, Ultimate) x32/x64 edition SP1

* Microsoft Windows 8 RT is no longer supported



DVD drive


* Constraints Express version: Due to the database constraints (1 CPU, 1 GB RAM, database 2 or max 4 GB) up to 2.5 million weighings may be stored


Further Information

Actual requirements and product functionality depend on your system configuration and your operating system. Certain features require a network connection. The communication with Bizerba devices requires the _connect.BRAIN software


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