Vision system LabelSecure

Efficient control of packaging and label content in labeling lines

Visual label inspection: LabelSecure offers you a unique inspection performance for different products. The Vision inspection system checks labels for complete and correct information and intactness. Packages which do not meet the defined criteria are automatically rejected. Matching your production, LabelSecure is available as an integrated solution or comes stand-alone.
LabelSecure inspects labels and information on top and/or bottom of packages. The optical system prevents rework operations on defective packaging, complaints, and/or product recalls due to mislabeling.
LabelSecure informs the operator about defects or problems during production so that corrective measures can be initiated to ensure the quality of the labeling process.
LabelSecure ensures label integrity and automatically contributes to complete traceability of your production: It saves all product images during production and monitors production lines by regularly generating production reports.
The system can be used with a wide range of packaging types and offers numerous inspection options.

Area of Use

Automatic control of

  • correct label and label position (twisted, incorrect positioning), for example
  • barcodes
  • the right product packaging


  • Touchless and non-destructive quality control of labels
  • Prevents incorrectly labeled packages in retail
  • Automatic rejection of packages not conforming with reference criteria
  • Modular design to allow integration of a broad spectrum of sensors that match inspection requirements
  • Suitable for packaging lines with automatic product change
  • Suitable for many packaging types
  • Upgradeable for future requirements
  • Hygienic design and time-saving cleaning
  • Software for complete tracking of all products: Saving of images incl. date and time, counter, production and machine logbook
  • Safe and easy operation:
    • Intuitive user interface with color touch screen
    • Offline parameter-setting allows manual adjustment of parameters based on saved images on the device or PC
  • Can be easily integrated in existing production lines, max. 2 m incl. rejection

Product images and technical information could deviate and may not be available in your country.

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