Vision Inspection System LabelSecure

Efficient control of packaging and label content in labeling lines


The Bizerba LabelSecure vision inspection system automatically checks label position and texts. Bizerba LabelSecure can be integrated in conveyor lines with dynamic checkweighers. Thereby offering a high level of flexibility and adaptability to existing systems.


Used with an inline dynamic checkweigher the system will add another level of protection on your production line. Consider the Dynamic checkweigher CWEmaxx. The system will checkweigh and reject any over filled and under filled packages. In addition, the vision inspection system performance is impressive, automatic control of label position, texts and film colour. Any packages that do not conform to the programmed or set criteria will be rejected.


Also, package sizes and bar codes are verifiable. All packages that fall outside of the date range set up in the Vision Inspection System will be rejected, Ensuring out of date or short sell by dated products do not reach your customers. Furthermore, complete process control and complete transparency ensured by statistical reporting. No more incorrect packages at the end of the production ramp. In terms of compliance with production requirements, you are protected. For more information on the Bizerba range of products and services contact us today.


Matching your production line the LabelSecure is available as an In line solution or as an offline solution.

Area of Use

Automatic control of

  • correct label and label position (twisted, incorrect positioning), for example
  • barcodes
  • the right product packaging


  • Contact-free inspection onto whole production
  • Prevents labeling errors in retailers' stores
  • Automated sorting of products which do not correspond with reference criteria
  • Modularity to integrate a wide variety of sensors according to control requirements
  • Well suited for multi-format lines with automatic product changes
  • Compatible with multiple types of containers
  • Upgradeable for future needs
  • Hygienic design and time-saving cleaning
  • Software for complete tracking of all products: Saving of images incl. date and time, counter, production and machine log
  • Safe and easy operation: Intuitive user interface with color touch screen
  • Offline parameter-setting allows manual adjustment of parameters based on saved images
  • Easy installation on existing lines (max. 2 meters including rejection)

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