Vision System ThermoSecure L

Full packaging inspection by vision for an easy end-of-line integration

ThermoSecure L inspects seal, labels and information on top and bottom of packs. Before case packing, the stand-alone inspection machine detects defective packs and is able to reject them. In the event of a drift in production, an alarm alerts the operators so that the problem can be corrected immediately. ThermoSecure L prevents rework operations on defective packaging, complaints, or product recalls due to package integrity problems.
In addition to package integrity guarantee, the machine automatically contributes to the total traceability of the product by archiving all images captured during production and by monitoring the packaging line with a regular output of production reports. ThermoSecure L is compatible with a wide range of products and addresses a number of inspection needs. The machine comes standard in IP65.

Area of Use

ThermoSecure L checks 100% of products:

  • Seal contamination
  • mislabeling or bad information on any side of the packs


  • Full packaging inspection: seal and labeling can be simultaneously checked
  • Guaranteed right packaging for product
  • Automatic sorting of products which do not correspond with reference criteria
  • Modularity to integrate a wide variety of sensors according to control requirements
  • Well suited for multi-format lines with automatic changes
  • Robust optical and vision systems resulting from 30 years of Luceo expertise
  • Hygienic design of the machine
  • Compatible with a wide range of products (thermoformed or top sealed trays and flow packs, seal area can be fully transparent, partly colored or printed)
  • Traceability tool (image backup with date and time for good or defective products, counters and production history, machine history)
  • Robot guidance communication
  • Dual lane version
  • IP66
  • With rejection or dual rejection module
  • Mechanical or air-blower pusher
  • Lockable rejection bins
  • Air conditioning

ThermoSecure L100 / L300

Specifications Facts Details
Functions Detects any contamination within the seal seam
of trays, flowpacks or cups
Foreign particles from 1 square mm
Shooting station L100: One sensor
L300: Two to three sensors

Line scan camera


Protected against external lights and untimely handling
Field shooting adapts to size of the product to be checked
It depends on the number of sides to be checked.

Pixel size from 10/100 to 16/100 square mm enabling detection from 1 square mm

50,000 hour lifetime

No external influence on the vision results
Dimensions 900 mm x 1016 mm x 1645 - 1745 mm (L x W x H) Dimension of the machine without rejection
Frame Designed for keeping with hygienic principles
  • EHEDG-certified components
  • Inclined surfaces for drainage of washing water
  • No glass hazard as per HACCP directive
Protection class IP65 All vision components are embedded within a stainless
steel hermetic housing
Max. belt speed 60 m/min Up to 200 packages/min
Maintenance Less than one minute to remove the conveyor belts without tools
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