X-ray inspection system XRE_2

This inspection system misses nothing - thanks to its fully automatic X-ray technology the XRE_2 detects errors in food: foreign objects, missing or misshaped parts.

The product inspection system XRE_2 detects all foreign objects which due to their density, chemical components or mechanical dimensions absorb X-rays at a higher or lower degree than the surrounding product. During production numerous detection tasks can be safely fulfilled such as the detection of metals, glass, ceramics, stones, raw bones, PVC, Teflon, rubber, glass fiber reinforced plastics etc. in packaged or unpackaged food (non-magnetic stainless steels and non-ferrous metals also in aluminum packaged food).

Area of Use

  • Detection of metal containing and non-metallic foreign objects in the food industry
  • Detection of missing, defective or misshaped products
  • Completeness checks even in closed packages
  • Inspection of multiple lines


  • Real time check for high speed inspection of up to 600 products /minute
  • Inspection area is fully covered and w/o dead angle even in case of tall products
  • Simultaneous inspection of 4 parallel running production lines
  • Over and under-weight check of entire product or parts
  • Chaotic product feed via multi-product software
  • BRC, M&S, IFS, and HACCP conformity
  • Compact, open and modular design
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Easy operation due to automated product teaching

Other product defects such as cracks or air pockets in tubes and tins can also be detected while desired foreign objects such as aluminum clips on sausage ends can be simply faded out. XRE_2 is equipped with a powerful real-time operating system for throughput rates of up to 600 packages/min.

  • M&S compliant system available (Higher Level Compliance)
  • Space saving device with integrated rejection unit for smaller products (max. 250 mm x 250 mm)
Specifications Facts Details
Conveyor belt width CBW 330 mm
330 mm
630 mm
XRE_2 200/150
XRE_2 300/150
XRE_2 450/200
Max. inspection height 150 mm
150 mm
200 mm
XRE_2 200/150
XRE_2 300/150
XRE_2 450/200
Max. inspection width 200 mm
300 mm
450 mm
XRE_2 200/150
XRE_2 300/150
XRE_2 450/200
Conveyor belt height 900 +/- 50 mm for all types
Installation length 1400 mm for all types w/o rejection device
  • Foreign object detection
  • Counting of products
  • missing products
  • defective / misshaped products
  • Inspection of multiple lines
all magnetic and non-magnetic metals, glass, stones, bones, rubber, PVC,..in food and other products, also in metal containing or
aluminum coated packages. Optional
software for detection of further product defects
such as broken or misshaped products, products with air pockets, product lumps, missing products or ingredients. Multi-product software for
detection of up to 4 lines and for chaotic
product feed.
Max. load 20 kg for all types w/o rejection device
Protection type IP66
Conveyor belt, screen, operating elements, etc.
Fan unit
Optional cooling device attachment
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