Ticket rolls

Large variety of high-quality thermal ticket rolls

In order to meet the high demands of our customers and our specified quality guidelines, all Bizerba L+C ticket rolls are manufactured using high-quality lactone-based thermal coating which are matched to Bizerba devices.
To prevent dust deposits which soil the printheads of the printer and finally destroy them, our thermal ticket rolls are wound on plastic cores. Also their extra thermal-reactive coating and the special coloring method prevent deposits on the printheads. This extends the service life and reduces operating costs.

Area of Use

  • Retail scales and cash registers capable of printing tickets for retail and trade
  • in the self-service area


  • The high quality of the thermal paper with on-going inspections in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 guarantee our customers an optimal readability of barcodes, logos and all imprints
  • with self-cleaning function and dust-free cores
  • short-term availability via in-house storage
Type Properties Color
BBL 98 KA Superior standard quality, scanner readability 100% white
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