Non-thermal paper

Special paper without thermal-reactive surface for decorative purposes with high advertising impact.

Decorative labels serve to polish the manufacturer's image and to put emphasis on the high quality standard of the respective product. An eye catcher attracting a lot of attention which should impress at first sight - most shoppers make their final buying decision in front of the supermarket shelves, within 1 - 3 seconds before they take a product from the shelf. Visual attraction is thus indispensable.

Area of Use

  • Labels with a high advertising impact for industry and retail
  • Variable or partial text imprint with thermal-transfer process or inkjet


  • For more than 30 years, Bizerba develops and exclusively produces own laminate and combines in-house the following components: paper, adhesive and liner
  • The finished laminate has unique capabilities and is only distributed and supplied within Bizerba
  • Optimal readability of barcodes, logos and text
  • Further processing (finishing) results in superior appearance (embossing, die-cutting)

Most diverse functions and formats as well as unlimited design options. Modern production methods in UV flexo printing and UV letterpress printing leave plenty of room for creativity at all development and production levels. Besides eight true colors and all variations in four-color printing (or hexachrome in digital printing) there are additional possibilities for the refinement of labels (varnish, perforations, embossing hot and cold, partial adhesive application, partial detaching of label sections and die-cutting).


Quality features:

Since the materials used for label production must meet high standards, standard materials from paper and film suppliers are only considered in very rare cases. Original Bizerba paper and adhesive qualities allow an exact adaption to use and application. We consider top material and adhesive as two different components which have to fulfill entirely different tasks – and we are able to combine these components in totally different material combinations time and again.


You may choose from among five variants in adhesive qualities:


  • Permanent:
    • Labels with permanent adhesive adhere immediately. They are strong and durable on dry packages and at low temperatures.
  • Special deep-freeze:
    • For moist packages and deep-freeze products we use a special adhesive with relatively minimal initial adherence but extremely high end adherence.
  • Removable:
    • In the self-service area, a removable adhesive ensures that stray labels can be easily removed from a scale or scale platform without using expensive cleaning agents
  • Washable:
    • Since this adhesive is easily removable with water, labels can be removed from E2 boxes or product packages, for example.
  • Food-grade:
    • It is sometimes required that the adhesive gets in direct contact with greasy food – for this application we use a food-grade adhesive.
Type Properties Adhesive Weight
Chromo Calendered, coated glossy paper suitable for the production of decorative labels, also varnished.
Application area: Product labeling with high advertising impact
BK 002 C;
BK 003 C
80 g/qm
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