Barcode labels

With this label solution you digitally stay on top of things during stock-taking and logistics. You define coding and number range and link them with your database. Thanks to the optimally coordinated Bizerba label quality your archiving, inventory or material flow tracking becomes easy and reliable.

Barcode labels


Stay on top of stock with these digital barcode labels designed to facilitate efficient stock-taking and logistics. Create a defined database of products and use a unique barcode and number range to identify them through barcodes.


Our optimally coordinated labels are designed to make archiving and stock tracking a simple, streamlined operation. What’s more, you have the freedom to design your labels however you would like - including logos, text and colour schemes.


All of our labels are designed to roll out consecutively so that you can work with large amounts of stock and data reliably. You can select specific number ranges to suit your needs, as well as label material and coding type. Available materials include paper or film and various types of adhesives depending on how long you need your barcodes to stay in place.


Enjoy the multiple-use applications of these barcodes across your supply lines and processes. You can mark storage locations with a digital number to easily identify and locate them.


These barcodes are suited for all types of products, ranging from storage containers to product barcodes. You can even label and record your own computer hardware and office equipment to track inventories and catalogue items.


Individually design and style your labels using different types of texts, colours and logos. Additional features, such as perforations are also possible with these barcode labels.


All of these barcode labels are perfectly suited for the most commonly used scanners and reading devices, so you can use them right out of the box. Offering a blend of print quality, functionality and reading accuracy, these barcode labels are expertly designed.




• Allows for various coding types
• Good blend of top material and adhesive to suit your needs
• Wide number-range
• Versatile and customisable designs including logos, text and colour
• Superior print quality
• Multiple printouts using the same codes


Why not look at some of our industrial label systems including the GLPMaxx 160 Printer.


  • Various coding types
  • Need-based number ranges
  • Flexible combination of top material and adhesive
  • Individual design:
    • Printing of texts and logos
    • Multicolored preprint
    • Numerous refinements
  • Outstanding print quality and reading accuracy
  • Multiple printing of same codes possible

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Can be used on all materials. This is some type of further processing of labels or their refinement.


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