Multilayer labels

This practical solution triples the space for your product and supplementary information. You can communicate general mandatory information and have new freedom for multilingual information, marketing elements or a creative design. Matching your needs we realize your individual label in true Bizerba quality.

Multilayer Labels


Bizerba Multilayer Labels are a fresh and exciting way to get down every single drop of important information without things seeming too packed and squeezed together. With options available for a stack of up to three labels, text such as nutritional information, dietary requirements and ingredient lists can be printed in a stylish way, created in any colour and suited to any font. We know that for some consumers the difference between putting a product in a basket and a product back on the shelf all boils down to how the label is used. A bright and colourful label with neatly arranged and easily readable information can lead directly to a sale.


With a Bizerba Multilayer label branding can be easily optimised. We can even offer our expert advice to customers who are not quite sure when it comes to implementing certain pictures or knowing what works best in the preparation stages. Our labels are resealable any number of times, ensuring that we don’t stop until you’re 100% happy with how everything has turned out.


Reach a wider audience with a Bizerba Multilayer Label! We can translate the content of your label into several different languages, making your life much easier as you can cater to each market all in one place. Although the images used and the technical language may vary from country to country, we come up with solutions that hardly look like a compromise.


A Bizerba Multilayer Label can even be tailored to your practical needs. When specified, they can come with thermal direct materials, the perfect adhesive and additional backing paper so that they can be stuck perfectly onto any product. After all, there’s nothing more low quality looking than a peeling label, and this is certainly not an impression we wish to give to your demographic.


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  • Up to three labels can be combined, one on top of the other
  • Alternative use of an additional backing paper
  • Large selection of top materials and adhesives
  • Wide variety of colors and cutting dies
  • Convenient opening/peel corner optionally possible
  • Resealable any number of times
  • Wide field of application

Product images and technical information could deviate and may not be available in your country.


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