Plug-In® labels

With integrated label code on the liner for automatic control of a price labeling device based on the interaction of label and device. Plug-In® labels reduce setup times and avoid costly incorrect labeling.

Special Plug-in Labels


The Plug-In label system is designed to offer a range of new possibilities in terms of label printing. Customers can receive labels that are supplied just in time to keep prices low and address their needs as and when required.


Our Plug-In labels feature an integrated label code built into the liner that allows for automatic control of price labelling devices based on device and label interactions. Plug-In labels are designed to streamline setup times and lower the costs associated with incorrect labelling of items.


Plug-In labels are designed to work with a code built into their liner which stores important label information such as SAP numbers and machine parameters. Using this multi-faceted barcode, labels are authenticated and identified quickly and reliably.


The device can retrieve PLU data associated with any product in the inventory, automatically adjusting for imprint areas and print speed. Better yet - all of these individual settings can be implemented without user intervention - it’s all automated for simplicity.


For every batch of labels produced, a security check is performed to guarantee the best results when printing barcodes. This ensures perfect readability that lowers rejected products from retailers.


While all of this automated magic is going on, a cross-check is being performed by the computer. This assigns the correct PLU to the appropriate label - removing the possibility of human error along the line.


The Plug-In labels are designed to work best using original parts, as this ensures a long service life and keeps the cost of ownership low. This label was designed and developed for weigh price labeller GLM-levo and all Bizerba label qualities marked BRL 70 and BRL 90.


Product features:


• Innovative label information makes label management easy
• 20 % increase in productivity and throughput of labels with print speeds of 300 mm/ second
• Automated device control and settings through the customer’s PLU number and label code data
• High-speed mode (suitable for BRL 90)
• 200 packages per minute


  • Label information can be used for label management
  • Increase of label throughput by 20% thanks to a print speed of 300 mm/sec
  • Automated device setting and control via the customer's PLU number and the data stored in the label code
  • Label material testing (BRL 90 releases the high-speed mode which BRL 70 does not support)

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The Plug-In®label system offers numerous new possibilities. This allows customers, for example, to have labels supplied "just-in-time" in order to lower their stock-keeping costs.


Quality features

Currently, a print speed of 300 millimeters per second at a throughput of 200 packages per minute is possible. The labeler ensures that the maximum speed is only applied if thermal labels are used which are suitable for this speed. For each batch there is a security check to ensure optimal print results for barcodes and reference texts, perfect readability resulting in fewer rejected products by the retailer.

Type Properties Adhesive Weight
BRL 70 Superior Top quality: with sophisticated thermal sensitivity; additional special surface protection on upper and lower surface;
Application area: for print speeds of up to 200 mm/sec.
BK 002 C; BK 002 B: BK 003 C; BK 003 B; BK 304;
BK 2088
75 g/qm
BRL 90 Premium Top quality with sophisticated thermal sensitivity; additional special surface protection on upper and lower surface;
Application area: for print speeds of up to 300 mm/sec.
BK 002 C; BK 002 B: BK 003 C; BK 003 B; BK 304;
BK 004
BK 2088
75 g/qm


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