RF labels

Bizerba RF labels ensure reliable electronic article surveillance via radio frequency. Based on your needs, RF tags can be combined with numerous label qualities and formats. Easy and efficient in handling they can be used for different product groups.

Bizerba RF labels discretely and reliably secure high-priced merchandise. In only one label they combine safe theft protection with transparent product information. Our solution is based on the radio frequency resonance method at 8.2 MHz. During production we apply an RF tag to the bottom side of the product label. You can choose shape and top material of the label: Paper or film as well as materials for thermal direct printing are possible. For each product you find the right RF label in best Bizerba quality.
The security function of the RF tags is activated from the start. The tag is checked again when dispensed onto the label. Active labels are recognized via an antenna in the cash register area and trigger an alarm. Purchased products are electronically deactivated during cashing.


  • Combined solution: Article surveillance and price labeling in a single label
  • Maximum protection by means of functional testing of all RF tags
  • Since they consist of very thin material RF tags are almost invisible
  • Flexible applications: RF tags can be attached under almost any product label
  • Optimal printing with Bizerba labeling equipment and retail scales thanks to precise placement of the RF tags

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The construction of an RF label is quite simple: The electronic part of the label is aligned on the bottom and is usually applied directly with a permanent adhesive on the product. A coil which also serves as an antenna is connected to a small capacitor. Together they form a resonant circuit with an external high frequency field. When an activated label approaches the detectors (gates) which are usually placed at the exit of a store, the radio-electronic oscillator circuit triggers an alarm.


Quality features

Today, there are a series of normal labels which should prevent theft. The most common among them is the RF label which is fitted with an EAS system (Electronic Article Surveillance). This includes detection systems with antenna which are located at the so-called gates, mostly between a store's cash register and the exit.


The trend of article surveillance is to directly connect the relevant security elements with the product or its packaging or to integrate it in the label to minimize the risk of tampering. This also reduces costs for affixing.

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