Multilayer labels

A practical solution for small packages requiring a lot of space for product and extra information

Bizerba has the know-how and sophisticated technology to manufacture multi-layer labels. They can, depending on customer requirements, cover the entire top surface or be smaller in order for the product to be visible.


Either way – Multilayer labels make room on the packaging. A 2-layer label already has four printable sides. Besides general mandatory information there is enough room for extra information and creative design. When working with several languages, two or more languages may be imprinted.

Area of Use

  • Smaller product packages in the food industry with comprehensive mandatory information such as ingredients, allergens, batch, nutrition facts etc.
  • Placement of cross selling offers on the packaging
  • Bonus points for customers collecting these points
  • Tips on preparation with picture
  • Multi-lingual texts


  • A lot of room where space is at a premium
  • All customer information is accommodated (legal information must not necessarily be on the top page)
  • Printable from both sides (front and back)
  • Up to 8 colors can be printed on each layer
  • Material mix possible (both layers chromo or top thermal sensitive / bottom chromo)
  • Thin laminate with good processability
  • Variable data via thermal-direct process (BRL)
  • Simplified opening mechanism
  • Resealable any number of times
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