RF labels

Electronic article surveillance via radio frequency. Can be combined with different label qualities and formats

RF labels can be produced in different formats with the desired print and the material as required by the customer. The covering material on the top of the label is usually made of paper but can also be PE or PP material. Current article information can be written on the RF label. It can also be supplied with a pre-printed company logo.


Each customer is already using labels – with the introduction of a security label another label would be needed. But Bizerba can transform almost any existing label into a RF label – the relevant module is simply placed below existing labels – so nothing changes for the customer! Even existing Bizerba devices can easily process this new material composite.

Area of Use

  • Food in the top-price segment
  • Consumer electronics (DVDs, CDs, ...)
  • Print media (books, journals, magazines, …)
  • Toys (model cars, parlor games, …)
  • Logistics (parcels and shipments)


  • a theft-proof variant combining article surveillance and price labeling in one solution
  • reasonably priced as compared to hard tags (e.g. for clothing)
  • dispensable onto almost any label (sandwich)
  • short delivery times with an appropriate agreement
  • can be printed via Bizerba GLPmaxx printer and retail scales (a decorative label may also serve as anti-theft protection)

The construction of an RF label is quite simple: The electronic part of the label is aligned on the bottom and is usually applied directly with a permanent adhesive on the product. A coil which also serves as an antenna is connected to a small capacitor. Together they form a resonant circuit with an external high frequency field. When an activated label approaches the detectors (gates) which are usually placed at the exit of a store, the radio-electronic oscillator circuit triggers an alarm.


Quality features

Today, there are a series of normal labels which should prevent theft. The most common among them is the RF label which is fitted with an EAS system (Electronic Article Surveillance). This includes detection systems with antenna which are located at the so-called gates, mostly between a store's cash register and the exit.


The trend of article surveillance is to directly connect the relevant security elements with the product or its packaging or to integrate it in the label to minimize manipulation risks. This also reduces costs for affixing.

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