TTI labels

TTI labels (Time Temperature Indicator system) make consumer safety a priority. These intelligent labels were developed in cooperation with Ciba, since 2009 BASF, and are capable of documenting complete cooling of food.

TTI labels are based on a printing ink with special pigments. During packaging, these pigments are activated by means of UV light and change their color – from colorless to a strong blue. Afterwards, the label is laminated with a UV light blocking coating and integrated in the food packaging.


Thanks to Bizerba's sophisticated technology, the TTI system label can be integrated in all automatic and manual labeling lines. Subsequently it is possible to check and document compliance with the cool chain and thus the freshness of the product along each stage of the logistics chain.

Area of Use

  • Packaged fresh products in food retail stores
  • Packaging industry


  • Transparency and safety for consumers
  • Inspiring confidence (buying true freshness)
  • Control and protection on all logistic routes
  • Reliability during transport, way home and storage
  • Time and cost savings with the application
  • Preventing manipulation
  • Protects against unjustified complaints
  • Advantages as compared to competition

In particular as regards tracking, e.g. if an ideal storage temperature has been exceeded, the TTI system label provides absolute process reliability. It not only shows the compliance with the cool chain but also the current freshness.


Quality features

The Time Temperature Indicator concept has undergone all important test procedures and always obtained top results. In combination with the TTI technology developed by Bizerba, this TTI solution has the lowest costs and works reliably. Helpful for all people involved along the supply chain – from the packaging industry and retail to the consumer.

Type Properties Adhesive Weight
Chromo Calendered, coated glossy paper suitable for the production of decorative labels, also varnished.
Application area: Product labeling with high advertising impact
BK 002 C; BK 003 C; 80 g/qm
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