Thermal-direct paper labels

The professional solution for those who want to print information quickly and reliably using thermal direct process. We combine paper qualities, adhesives and refinements to realize an optimal label for your needs. Matching your needs and in true Bizerba quality.

Thermal Direct Paper Labels . The professional solution for those who want to print information quickly and reliably using thermal direct process. We combine paper qualities, adhesives and refinements to realise the perfect label for your needs. Matching your requirements and in adhering to the Bizerba quality standard. 


Bizerba thermal direct paper labels are suitable for may uses, not only are they flexible for use with the retail scale up to the fully automatic weigh price labelling system. They combine high thermal sensitivity with specifically developed surface finish. The result: High resolution print results at print speeds of up to 300 mm/s.Which is impressive you must admit!


Thermal Direct Paper Labels - Quality


Choose the right paper quality for your printing requirements. Together with the bespoke adhesive it will be individually matched to the application. We manufacture your individual label format ranging from special sizes up to die-cutting. No matter what your label requirements maybe, we will tailor them to your specific requirements. For proper brand image we can preprint your labels in multiple colors. Depending on the selected paper quality we can additionally refine them.


Benefit from perfectly matched labelling processes. Bizerba thermal direct paper labels are optimally aligned to the application and manufactured with Bizerba labeling equipment. All our labels comply to the very highest standards and we pride ourselves only only using the very best equipment to produce the labels. 


So no matter what your printing requirements may be, we will have a solution for you, for retail we have a vast range of retail scales and stand alone printers that can accommodate the direct paper labels, or on the industrial side we have printers that can achieve over 300 packs per minute. If you would like a free site survey or consultation visit then why not contact us today. 



  • Four paper qualities, variably combinable with adhesives:
    • PremiumTop
    • StandardTop
    • SemiTop
    • Eco
  • Optimal thermal sensitivity
  • PremiumTop and StandardTop are gentle to the printhead due to special surfaces
  • Ideal application even in case of critical ambient conditions
  • Outstanding protective properties (top coating) against moisture
  • For print speeds of up to 300 mm/s: PremiumTop
  • A print resolution of up to 300 dpi is possible with PremiumTop
  • Based on the paper quality also printable in multiple colors and varnishable
  • Large variety of printing methods and customization options
  • Ideal integration of technical components, e.g. RF and RFID tags
  • ISEGA certified
  • Manufactured without BP-S and free from BP-A. Paper quality Eco is free from phenol

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