Thermal paper

Exclusive material combinations with own laminate production. Based on conditions of use and applications: Thermal papers ranging from superior eco quality up to premium top quality.

For an enhanced label quality, laminates are increasingly used which protect the label from external influences and optimize the production efficiency of the manufacturer's plant. In order to meet the high customer demands and our quality guidelines, all Bizerba products are manufactured using high quality top materials and matching lactone-based thermal coating. Especially in the sensitive food area where products may be exposed to extreme temperatures or conditions, Bizerba thermal paper covers the full range and was tested by ISEGA and proven to be suitable to handle food packages. Whether you decide for our promotionally effective decorative labels with up to eight true colors or prefer our "neutral" or "blank" labels – you always decide for a first-class industry know-how, consulting expertise and professional services.

Area of Use

  • in industry, logistics and commerce
  • Thermal Eco material without surface protection, optimally suitable for dry environmental conditions and a short use of the label
  • Thermal TOP material with surface protection against moisture. For industrial customers with a high package throughput with a print speed of 150 – 300mm/s or up to 200 packages per minute


  • for more than 30 years, Bizerba develops and exclusively produces own laminate and combines in-house the components top material (paper), adhesive and liner
  • the finished laminate has unique capabilities and is only distributed and supplied within Bizerba
  • partial imprint or imprint over entire surface of product texts, pictures, logo, basic price, weight, date or PLU text - individually via thermal direct labeling devices
  • optimal readability of barcodes, logos and all imprints

Thermal paper as decorative label

When competing for customers, they are an essential selling aid and at the same time a strong advertising medium. Most diverse functions and formats as well as unlimited design options. Modern production methods in UV flexo printing and UV letterpress printing, offset and digital printing leave plenty of room for creativity at all development and production levels. Besides true colors and all variations in four-color printing (or hexachrome in digital printing) there are additional possibilities for the refinement of labels (varnish, perforations, embossing hot and cold, partial adhesive application, partial detaching of label sections and die-cutting).


Thermal papers for industrial use

The daily permanent load on the various printer mechanisms in industrial operations places the highest possible requirements on the labels to be printed. In view of these requirements, Bizerba produces suitable labels whose materials are adjusted to the different printer technologies. Special die-cutting allows to detach individual sections (as proof or second label) from the label after affixing it to the product or packaging. A double liner then even allows subsequent removal of the entire label from a product.


"Neutral" and "Blank" thermal labels

They are adaptable, inexpensive and perfectly suitable for customers who want to design their labels with own hardware. Our "neutral" labels only consist of a preprinted frame for net weight, price, packed-on date and sell-by / use-by date. With our "blank" labels, the user designs the layout for all article data himself.


Quality features

Thermal papers are used in connection with the thermal-direct printing process. It is particularly suitable for applications where the label's life cycle is short to medium. The result is a high-quality but cost-effective label print without the need of a transfer roll (ribbon).


Since the materials used for label production must meet high standards, standard materials of paper and film suppliers are only used in very rare cases. Original Bizerba thermal paper and adhesive qualities allow an exact adaption to use and application. We consider top material and adhesive as two different components which have to fulfill entirely different tasks – and we are able to combine these components in totally different material combinations time and again.


You may choose from among five variants in adhesive qualities:


  • Permanent:
    • Labels with permanent adhesive adhere immediately. They are strong and durable on dry packages and at low temperatures.
  • Special deep-freeze:
    • For moist packages and deep-freeze products we use a special adhesive with relatively minimal initial adherence but extremely high end adherence.
  • Removable:
    • In the self-service area, a removable adhesive ensures that stray labels can be easily removed from a scale or scale platform without using expensive cleaning agents.
  • Washable:
    • Since this adhesive is easily removable with water, labels can be removed from E2 boxes or product packages, for example.
  • Food-grade:
    • It is sometimes required that the adhesive gets in direct contact with greasy food – for this application we use a food-grade adhesive.


Our own laminate production facility, combined with our in-house repro department, enables the flexible production and customer-specific design of labels. Our quality control begins with the goods receiving of raw materials and ends with the shipment of finished labels. The entire procedure is subject to a continuous certified process.

A 100% scanner readability of vouchers mainly depends on the sensitivity of the thermal paper. There are four different thermal paper qualities. Depending on requirements and application, there are different types of surface and/or reverse-side protection.

Type Properties Adhesive Paper weight
BBL 92 eco Superior standard quality for self-adhesive labels without special surface or reverse-side protection, semi-protected. Optimal scanner readability
Application area: Thermal imprint for blank and neutral labels; short-lived label for price labeling on fruit and vegetable counters and dry application areas, logistics etc.
BK 002 C; BK 002 B;BK 003 C; BK 004;BK 2088 73 g/qm
BLT 50 Light Top quality with standard sensitivity and simple surface protection but without reverse-side protection; for print speeds of up to 150mm/sec.
Application area:Thermal imprint for blank and neutral labels
BK 003 S 73 g/qm
BRL 70 Superior Top quality with sophisticated thermal sensitivity; additional special surface protection on upper and lower surface;
Application area: for high-quality thermal decorative labels which can be printed with UV flexo printing or letterpress printing; for print speeds of up to 200mm/sec.
BK 002 C; BK 002 B: BK 003 C; BK 003 B; BK 304;
BK 2088
75 g/qm
BRL 90 Premium Top quality with sophisticated thermal sensitivity; additional special surface protection on upper and lower surface;
Application area: for high-quality thermal decorative labels which can be printed with UV flexo printing, letterpress printing, digital printing and offset printing for print speeds of up to 300mm/sec.
BK 002 C; BK 002 B: BK 003 C; BK 003 B; BK 304;
BK 004
BK 2088
75 g/qm
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