Logistics labeling system GLM-B 120

The GLM-B 120 can be used as a stand-alone labeler for other belts, or it can be directly controlled by IT systems.

With Bizerba labeling systems for production, warehouse and distribution logistics, cartons and boxes of different materials, sizes and shapes can be labeled using all current application technologies. Easy operation, minimal down time and high compatibility with other systems characterize the highly flexible printer applicator GLM-B.


Due to a high degree of own intelligence including article, text and layout memory, numerators and connectivity for readers, the GLM-B 120 can also be used for inspection and activation tasks.

Area of Use

  • Printing of decorative labels using direct thermal printing or thermal transfer printing methods, and shipping labels
  • Label output 120 mm
  • Label sizes 30 x 30mm - 100 x 150mm


  • Up to 700 mm travel distance for the application of labels from the side and from above
  • Swivel arm application with 130 mm action radius for labeling from above, below, the sides and in transport direction
  • Processes labels of up to 100 x 150 mm in size
  • Rapid label-switching system

Since it smoothly integrates into existing conveyor technology the Ethernet-capable GLM-B can also be used in connection with the dynamic scales Bizerba CWL Ecoflexx and in Bizerba DWS systems (dimensioning, weighing, scanning).


The same applicator can be used to process different label sizes. Bizerba logistics labelers communicate via the ZPL II protocol, Bizerba Gx-Net or even Windows® printer drivers.

Specifications Facts Details
printer Thermal direct
Print resolution
Print width
Print speed
Label output
Optionally thermal transfer
8 dot/mm (optionally 12 dot/mm)
80 mm (optionally 104 mm)
150 mm/s (optionally 250 mm/s)
120 mm
Label roll Core Ø 40-76 mm, outside Ø 300 mm
Label sizes min. 30 x 30 mm to max. 100 x 150 mm
Thermal transfer ribbon Core Ø 25.4 mm, outside Ø 80 mm (400 RM)
Labeling technology Rotary application, air-jet application (compressed air supply, 6 bar), piston application (compressed air supply, 2 bar), swivel arm application (depending on device)
Package size Depending on customer-provided integration
Labeling capacity Depending on customer-provided integration
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