Pallet labeler GLM-P 2S

Fully automatic labeling of pallets on up to three sides and at up to three heights.

In spite of its very slim overall design the Bizerba GLM-P 2S fulfills highly specific tasks. Labeling coordinates can be programmed as fixed values or be individually adopted by the higher ranking system for each pallet. Should requirements change, the application can be expanded by new modules. Pallet data in the form of GS1 or EPC globally compatible logistics labels in large formats of up to DIN A5 is attached to the pallets. This also ensures traceability of food and animal feed (EU regulation 178/2002).

Area of Use

  • Fully automatic labeling of pallets on up to three sides and at up to three heights
  • Can be used as stand-alone unit or part of a higher ranking system
  • Weight recording, registration and labeling in a single step when connected directly to a verifiable pallet weighing system


  • Labeling of a third side for the purpose of ensuring reading access, even if pallets are not moving in the preferred direction or cannot be stored in the preferred direction
  • Very high printing and labeling speed with a throughput of up to 300 pallets an hour
  • Label rolls with up to 2000 self-adhesive A5 labels ensure operation with little or no interruption
  • Labeling coordinates that can either be programmed as fixed values or entered specifically for each pallet
  • Use of only high-quality, robust components for the mechanical, pneumatic and electrical elements of the applicator

This pallet labeler can be controlled using sensors, PLC and/or a central computer. It can be used as a stand-alone device or as part of a primary system. When connected directly to a calibratable pallet weighing system, it is possible to determine the weight, register the pallet and perform the labeling in a single step.

Specifications Facts Details
Printing technology Printing method
Print speed
Thermal direct (optionally thermal transfer)
8 dot/mm (optionally 12 dot/mm)
up to 250 mm/s
Labeler Label size

Label height

Number of labels
Labelable sides
W 148 mm x 210 mm
(optionally smaller)
freely definable between 400 and 1800 mm from conveyor upper edge, up to three heights/sides
up to 12 labels/pallets (freely definable)
up to three side/pallets (freely definable)
Labeling capacity Throughput up to 300 pallets/h (one-sided)
up to 180 pallets/h (two-sided)
up to 100 pallets/h (three-sided)
1* depending on the number of labels, label position, speed of the conveyor belt and printing speed
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