Basic Retail Weighing Scales SC II 800 7"

Sales-promoting counter top Retail Weighing Scales for assisted sales with 7" customer display

Introducing the retail weighing scales with customer display from the Bizerba System Class family, it is impressive in terms of its broad application spectrum.


The SC II 800 7" are retail weighing scales with a customer display perfectly suited for assisted sales with a modern and functional design ideally suitable for any store environment. A sales assistant with strong "arguments": e.g. due to the ergonomic operating concept allowing eye contact with the customer or optically appealing advertising via the optional 7" colour customer display.


Combined with a cash register drawer it can be used at the same time as a high-performance cash register solution. This is just one of the retail weighing scales options from Bizerba the SC Range is our mid-range series.


Further options for the SC II 800 Retail Weighing Scales are as follows:


  • 7" TFT LCD customer colour display
  • Licenses for additional software modules
  • Tactile keyboard 84 keys are available
  • Liner less label printer
  • WLAN
  • Battery operation
  • External battery pack operation
  • Cash register drawer


If you are looking for a less technical and cost effective retail weighing scale then why not consider the EC II family. Trade approved retail scales ideal for areas where items need to be weighed quickly but there is no requirement for printing and labelling. Basic functionality that delivers fantastic results. With the limited functions, these units are easy to use with little or no training required.


There are over 20 variants of retail sales in the portfolio. Slightly more technically advanced options are available consider the K-Class II family of scales. Depending on your requirements, we will have the perfect solution for your business. Are you unsure what would be the best future proof option? Then please do not hesitate in contacting us. We can offer you a free site survey and consultation visit.


Area of Use

  • Counter scale
  • Cash register
  • Retail Weighing Scales
  • Inventory
  • Data maintenance


  • 7" LCD customer display: Presentation of full screen and permanent advertising, cross-selling or article information
  • Perfect weighing performance over a large spectrum
  • Fast processor and plenty of memory
  • Backlit graphic display
  • Freely configurable and flexibly assignable tactile or membrane keyboards
  • Energy-saving components
  • Various interfaces

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  • Appealing and functional design
  • Different designs
  • Available in light grey

Minimal energy consumption thanks to

  • LED backlit displays
  • Internal power supply unit

Universal use

  • Large model variety of SC II family
  • Linerless, label and receipt print
  • Flexible standard software for different operating modes (assisted sales, price labeling, inventory, selling, cash register)

Tactile keyboard



  • USB (with optional 7" customer display)

Rechargeable battery

  • Connection to external battery pack (12 V)


  • Linerless printer
  • WLAN
  • Cash register drawer

Label printer

  • Print speed
  • EAN/UPC barcodes
  • Graphic-capable, printing of logos possible
  • Upper/lower case and several font sizes / fonts

Operator display

  • LCD dot matrix display with LED backlighting, color: Orange

Customer display

  • 7" LCD color display with LED backlighting


  • Membrane keyboard
  • Freely programmable

Operating modes

  • Assisted sales and quick service, cash register functions with amount tendered/change operation, manual or automatic price labeling, with or without addition, weight and fixed price labeling, pre-setting of number of pieces for automatic printing
  • Floating sales via direct operating keys


  • RS232
  • 1x USB (only with optional 7" customer display)
  • RJ12 (cash register drawer)

Temperature range

  • -10 °C to +40 °C


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