RetailApp AddOnPrinter

Flexible printing on different devices: Integrate variable printers in your business process with RetailApp AddOnPrinter.

RetailApp AddOnPrinter integrates various external printers in the selling process. After recording and selling items using scale software RetailPowerScale the related receipt can be printed on an external printer. Also other RetailApps such as EatABite for table service in gastronomy can be networked with the AddOnPrinter function. Ideally suitable for direct transfer of the print jobs per table to the kitchen printer. In doing so, orders from the counter sales process are further processed in a time-saving manner. Easy integration of printers from different manufacturers with AddOnPrinter.




  • Easy connection to USB and network printer
  • Parallel connection of several external printers
  • Open for printers from different manufacturers
  • Configurable printouts per item, department or group
  • In the standard sales process and with further RetailApps usable



  • More flexible business processes through integration of external printers
  • Individual printout by defining variable layouts
  • Optimal supplement of RetailApp EatABite: Direct transfer of print jobs per table to external printers from different departments, e.g. kitchen and beverage counter



  • RetailApp - new architecture:
    • Delivery by default in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian
    • Configuration via web interface for editing on scale or remote editing
    • Integration in ScaleBackup and Monitoring
    • Uninstallation process

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