RetailApp IngredientManager

The RetailApp IngredientManager consists of two license modules which may be used together or individually: AllergenManager and IngredientFinder.


  • RetailApp - new architecture:
    • Delivery by default in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian
    • Configuration via web interface for editing on scale or remote editing
    • Integration in ScaleBackup and Monitoring
    • Uninstallation process
  • Exclusion search of IngredientFinder can be preselected based on product groups
  • Ingredients texts now also recognizable within the article text

Product images and technical information could deviate and may not be available in your country.



In accordance with legal requirements: With RetailApp IngredientManager you quickly and efficiently mark allergenic substances in your ingredients lists.



With the AllergenManager, the legal requirement of labeling allergenic ingredients is met. All allergenic ingredients are recorded as keywords once. Thereafter the RetailApp automatically takes care of the labeling based on defined formatting requirements. Wether new items are added or changes are made to the ingredients lists, the AllergenManager ensures correct allergen labeling. Advising customers even better during the sales process - with AllergenManager, item related allergens can be shown on the customer display. In addition, this information can be printed together with the item. Making allergens transparent with AllergenManager.


  • Labeling of allergenic substances in ingredient texts via defined keywords
  • Configurable formatting of allergenic substances
  • Showing of allergens on the customer display
  • Printing of allergen information while selling possible

  • Meeting legal requirements on allergen labeling
  • Comprehensive customer information already during item activation on the scale
  • Only one-time maintenance of keywords. Changes are automatically identified by the RetailApp.


Increased demand on product Information: With RetailApp IngredientManager you stay on top of things making your customers feel good for being well informed.


Advice on allergens becomes more and more important – IngredientFinder provides valuable support. This RetailApp allows optimal customer advice even in case of many products, allergens and ingredients. By means of exclusion, all items containing specific allergens can be filtered out. Search criteria can be maintained by defining keywords. This can be expanded beyond allergens if desired. IngredientFinder supports the operator in all questions on substances of each individual product.



  • Displaying of items which do not include selected allergens
  • Support of multiple selection of search criteria
  • Expansion via any search criteria possible
  • Pre-filtering of result list via product group selection
  • Supports operating staff in customer advice process

  • Support of multiple selection of search criteria
  • No incorrect information due to search by means of exclusion which is supported by the system
  • Use as a customer terminal for own information possible


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