Automatic gravity slicer GSP HD

The automatic premium gravity slicer sets worldwide standards in terms of ergonomics, hygiene, safety and energy efficiency.

Automatic gravity slicer


This automatic GSP HD slicer is a powerful, heavy-duty gravity slicer, ideal for large scale production areas. The slicer is designed with efficiency in mind, with a variety of automated features ensuring this machine is an excellent alternative to manual gravity slicers.


Industry leading quality slicers


This premium commercial gravity-fed slicer sets the standards for the industry, thanks to its ergonomic design, hygienic features, operator safety and energy efficiency. This industry leading machine is manufactured using seamless anodised aluminium and its powerful blade is the thinnest, hardest and straightest blade available, with its hard alloy chromium-plated finish. The blade is powered by the intelligent Emotion blade driver, which is renowned in the industry for its quiet operation.


A hygienic solution


The slicer is also available with a Ceraclean surface, which enables all removable parts to be cleaned in a dishwasher. The blade itself is designed to stay cool in the depositing area, to ensure products stay fresh for longer. The slicing system is also fitted with a drain to remove all liquids and create a clean workspace.


An efficient slicing process


By combining gravity and an inclined carriage, this automatic slicer provides operators with an efficient slicing process. To further improve operator efficiency, an integrated portion scale and energy and safety package can be fitted. There is a clear touchscreen designed to indicate the product weight, while enabling the operator to control blade speed. Server support adds an automatic start/stop blade and the ability to adjust slice thickness, giving the server more time to concentrate on customers.


The slicer is capable of slicing between 35-90 slices per minute, with slice thicknesses of between 0-24mm. By providing the features required to automate many of the slicing requirements, operators are free to concentrate on other tasks.


If you are looking for a powerful slicer which leads the market, this automatic gravity slicer stands out from the crowd. Contact us today

Area of Use

  • Particularly suitable as all-rounder for kitchens and cafeterias/canteens
  • Sales counter
  • Automatic gravity slicer
  • When working time should be saved by means of automatic processes the GSP HD is an alternative as compared to manual slicers


  • The right carriage version for any application
  • Quiet, energy efficient Emotion® drive prevents heat rise of depositing area
  • Drain on the slicing system and drain protection of liquids for a clean work station
  • Optional hygienic Ceraclean® surface allows cleaning of all removable parts in the dishwasher.
  • Optional energy and safety package allows automatic blade start/stop via slice thickness adjustment and visualization of operating state

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Bizerba sharpeners are separate units representing no hygiene risk during sharpening. Of course, same as with all other removable parts, this sharpener can be cleaned in the dishwasher.


Sophisticated design, careful material selection and elegant solutions such as a lifting device for quick and easy cleaning by hand underneath the slicer.


Ergonomic design

The automatic carriage drive with servo support for manual operation reduces operator fatigue and allows the operator to concentrate on the shopper.

  • Version with integrated portion scale up to 3kg/2g with touchscreen for weight display and control
  • Blade version for various products to be sliced
  • Blade covers suit different product dimensions
  • Carriage version adjusted to the product with product clamping, product holder and special product clamping devices such as product fences for tomatoes and salads
  • Product fixation device
  • Installation with closed frame or on feet, optionally with lifting device
  • Static portion scale


  • 120 V / 230 V single-phase alternating current


Housing materials

  • anodized aluminum
  • Bizerba Ceraclean®(optional)
  • fiber-reinforced composite
  • transparent plastics for food contact


Installation area L x W

  • 532 x 444 mm / 20.9" x 17.5"


Maximum dimensions L x W x H

  • GSP HD 18° L: 801 x 776 x 601 mm / 31.5" x 30.6" x 23.7"
  • GSP HD 25° L: 808 x 908 x 630 mm / 31.8" x 35.7" x 24.8"
  • GSP HD 25° H: 809 x 906 x 606 mm / 31.9" x 35.7" x 23.9"


Blade diameter

  • 330 mm / 13.0”


Slicing performance

  • 35 - 90 slices per minute


Carriage inclination

0°, 18° or 25° towards operator


Blade alignment

40° angle


Maximum product feed

  • Height: between 126 and 188 mm / 5.0" - 7.4"
  • Width: 290 mm / 11.4"
  • Round: between 202 and 235 mm / 8.0" - 9.3"

The maximum product size depends on the carriage version. GSP HD 18° L has the largest product feed through, the GSP HD 25° L the smallest.


Slice thickness adjustment

  • Continuous 0 - 24 mm / 0 - 0.9”
  • Fine setting 0 - 3 mm / 0 - 0.12”


IP rating

  • IP33


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