Semi-automatic vertical slicer VS11 A

Depositing without touching for maximum hygiene and optimal presentation

The VS11 A vertical slicer is ideal for smaller catering spaces, measuring a compact 462mm by 395mm. Proof that good things come in little packages, this mini slicer is perfectly suited to butchers’ shops, delicatessens, bakeries or farmers’ market stalls; any food retail outlet where space is limited.


Although larger vertical slicers are available, they may not be practical in all food retail or manufacturing spaces. When space is an issue, the VS11 A is the practical option and comes with a range of benefits that make it a stand-out piece of kitchen machinery.


A full range of features


The VS11 A is impressive for the range of features it provides, with the ability to switch between stack and shingle at the press of a button. Twin-row fan layout or product position can be pre-selected, giving you complete control over how you slice your produce.


While it may have a small blade, this machine is capable of everything a larger unit could manage and feels more powerful than its size would suggest. The VS11 A is a prime example of Bizerba’s world-leading technology in action, and cannot be faulted for operation, ergonomics and depositing quality.


Ideal for small spaces


Equally as powerful as the larger units we supply, the Bizerba VS11 A is the perfect piece of kit for smaller food manufacturing and retail establishments.


This unit also benefits from a channelled cheese blade and a Ceraclean blade, giving you more choice over how it is used. The stainless steel surfaces are easy to clean and help maintain hygiene standards.




• Compact size, measuring 462 X 395 (L X W)
• Perfect space-saving vertical slicer
• Fast key operation to switch from stacking to shingle
• Large enough for use on most products
• Cheese and Ceraclean blades, to give you more options


Area of Use

  • The VS11 A is also perfect for minimal space: in butcher shops as well as in food retailing, in delicatessen departments, in bakeries and at the weekly farmers markets.


  • Quickly change from stacking to shingling with fast key operation
  • With a footprint of only 462 x 395 mm / 18.2" x 15.6" (L x W) it requires minimal space
  • Although fitted with a small blade, the product feed through is large enough for most products thanks to a perfect geometry

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  • Ceraclean® blade
  • Cheese blade (channeled)


  • 230 V single-phase alternating current
  • 400 V three-phase current


Housing materials

  • anodized aluminum
  • Plastics


Installation area (L x W)

  • 462 x 395 mm / 18.2” x 15.6”


Max. dimensions (L x W x H)

  • 630 x 800 x 540 mm / 24.8" x 31.5" x 21.3"


Blade diameter

  • 280 mm / 11.0”


Product size

  • Without depositing arm:
    • Round: Ø 50 - 187 mm / 2.0” - 7.4”
    • Height: 50 - 187 mm / 2.0” - 7.4”
    • Width: 50 - 230 mm / 2.0” - 9.1”
  • With depositing arm:
    • Round: Ø 50 - 140 mm / 2.0” - 5.5”
    • Height: 50 - 140 mm / 2.0” - 5.5”
    • Width: 50 - 230 mm / 2.0” - 9.1”


Slice thickness adjustment

  • Infinitely adjustable, without depositing arm: 0 - 24 mm / 0 - 0.9”
  • Infinitely adjustable, with depositing arm: 0.5 - 8 mm / 0.02 - 0.3”
  • Fine setting 0 - 3 mm / 0 - 0.1”


IP rating

  • IP33


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