Commercial Bread slicer B100

Universal Commercial Bread slicer for halving, quartering and individual slices with variable slice thickness

Universal Commercial bread slicer for halving, quartering and individual slices with variable slice thickness. High speed slicing of up to 100 slices per minute. From Baguettes to loaves. This exemplary stand alone unit is ideal in self service areas within a store. Customers can choose their own bread, slice thickness place it into the unit, shut the safety lid and the system will slice effortlessly. Open the lid, slide over the bread bag and away they go. Simple.


With the B100 Commercial Bread slicer long and round loaves can be cut exactly and very hygienically since the entire operation is oil-free – flexible adjustable slice thickness as preferred by the customer. The unit has a whole range of safety features to protect staff and customers, no exposed blades are accessible. The compact unit can be placed anywhere due to it's compact design and low noise output.
Using a normal plug this unit is ideal for cutting warm bread, rolls, baguettes, square and round loaves. A perfect cut every time.
Additional Safely options of the Commercial Bread slicer and built in features are as follows
The protective hood with a sliding block guide can be flapped upward and cleaned on both sides. The bread crumbs are collected in a separate compartment and can be removed quickly
The product chute itself is completely accessible for cleaning. The cleaning position of the blade is automatically set at a keystroke combination.
The slice thickness lies between 3 and 30 mm and can be adjusted via keys during operation. Three save keys enable quick toggling between the three slice thicknesses that can be programmed individually.
For more information on the Bizerba commercial bread slicer, Retail Scales or Commercial Meat Slicers we can offer free on site demonstrations for all retail equipment so feel free and contact us today to make an appointment

Area of Use

  • Easily slices warm, soft bread, even hard and particularly thick dark bread crust and whole grain crust
  • Clean slicing of whole nuts in the dough


  • Self-service program with sophisticated safety technology to protect shopper from injuries
  • Can be used anywhere thanks to its compact design, low-noise operation and common household AC power connection

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Advantages of oil-free slicing

Oil-free slicing prevents mildew growth and the transfer of germs to the cut surface of fresh bread. Shelf-life is extended and cleaning is easier and quicker.

  • Device for easy bagging of sliced bread
  • Bench with mobile unit
  • Diverse versions of product holders


  • 120 V / 230 V


Housing materials

  • Parts getting in contact with products are made of food grade materials


Installation area L x W

  • Table: 455 x 610 mm / 17.9" x 24.0"
  • Bench: 640 x 644 mm / 25.2" x 23.5"


Max. dimensions (L x W x H)

  • Without bench: 995 x 684 x 555 mm / 39.2" x 26.9" x 21.8"
  • With bench: 995 x 825 x 1259 mm / 39.2" x 32.5" x 49.6"


Blade diameter

  • 250 mm / 11.8”


Slicing performance

  • 60 - 100 slices per minute


Max. product size (L x W x H)

  • Round: 300 x 300 x 150 mm / 9.9" x 9.9" x 5.9"
  • Rectangular: 380 x 300 x 125 mm / 15.0" x 9.9" x 4.9"


Slice thickness adjustment

  • gradually 3 - 30 mm / 0.1 - 1.2”


Protection type

  • IP31


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