Manual gravity feed slicer Validoline GSC280

The perfect gravity slicer for special demands in kitchens and at service counters

Thanks to its inclined carriage it ideally suits all manual slicing tasks, and in particular Mediterranean delicatessen such as cotto, crudo and mortadella as well as long-life goods such as salami and air-dried ham.
Operation is particularly easy thanks to a Ceraclean® surface with outstanding gliding properties, technically mature ergonomics and thus absolutely safe for the user.
Removable parts are dishwasher safe and can be mounted in a flash. The Ceraclean® surface finish is very easy to clean.

Area of Use

  • Particularly suitable for space-saving installation in kitchens and cafeterias/canteens
  • Sales counter


  • Ergonomic and accurate: 40° blade inclination - the benefit of gravity makes slicing child's play. Slice thickness fine adjustment ensures waver-thin slices.
  • Robust: Validoline is our entry-level class made of precision components and drive technology from the professional sector.
  • Energy efficiency: Our Emotion® drive technology ensures a longer service life of electrical components.
  • Safe and simple: Operation and disassembly for cleaning are child's play w/o the need of tools. The blade is protected at all times!
  • Durable and hygienic: Lifelong durability and optimal protection against microorganisms thanks to a Ceraclean® surface and fiber-reinforced composites (ETL-Sanitation-Label)

Minimal energy consumption

With Emotion® Bizerba sets new standards in terms of cutting power and energy efficiency. No other drive concept combines minimal energy consumption - particularly in idle cycle - with the most powerful motor for manual slicers in this class.

  • Investment protection due to longer service life of the drive
  • Gentle handling of food since depositing area hardly heats up



Bizerba sharpeners are separate units representing no hygiene risk during sharpening. Of course, same as with all other removable parts, this sharpener can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

  • Hollow-ground blade, hard chromium-plated
  • Hollow-ground blade, Ceraclean®
  • Cheese blade, hard chromium-plated
  • Blade covers, open or closed
  • Remnant holder plates, with spikes or smooth
  • Product fixation device
  • Rubber bars or feet


  • 120 V / 230 V


Housing materials

  • Bizerba Ceraclean®
  • fiber-reinforced composite


Outer dimensions L x B x H / L x W x H

  • 690 x 525 x 464 mm / 27.2” x 20.7” x 18.3”


Blade diameter

  • 280 mm / 11.02”


Carriage inclination

  • 20° towards operator


Blade alignment

  • 40° inclination


Max. product size

  • Round: Ø 170 mm / 6.7”
  • Height: 130 mm / 5”
  • Width: 230 mm / 9.1”


Slice thickness adjustment

  • Continuous 0 – 20 mm / 0 – 0.8"
  • Fine setting 0 - 3 mm / 0 - 0.12”


Protection type

  • IP 33
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