Manual vertical slicer VSP

This manual vertical slicer offers you a unique high-end performance package. Simplify your processes with the intelligent support SmarterSlicing: The digital display will automatically indicate you when it's time to clean, sharpen or maintain the VSP. Your benefits: You ensure high quality of your products and optimize your processes.

This manual vertical slicer offers you a unique high-end performance package. Simplify your processes with the intelligent support SmarterSlicing: The digital display will automatically indicate telling you when it's time to clean, sharpen or maintain the VSP manual slicer. What are the benefits: You can ensure consistent high quality products and additionally optimise your processes.


The VSP manual vertical slicer offers you more than just an average slicer operation. A professional industrial food slicer Its innovative Smarter slicing function supports you in obtaining perfectly sliced fresh products every time. An early warning system by means of on screen indicators will notify you when the VSP is due for cleaning, sharpening or maintenance.


Smart technology to guarantee the availability of your machine at any time. In addition another highlight for you: You can centrally control the SmarterSlicing function and log the data remotely. The ideal way to optimise your processes in the short and long term.


The FoodConnect interface and the RetailControl management software make this possible. Fully networked for true visibility on the amount of slicing, the hygiene of the slicer and the the current state of the machine.


In addition to the intelligent, energy-saving Emotion® drive technology the integrated portion scale will save you time and costs: Slices are counted automatically and indicated with the weight on the touch screen. You may also control the blade speed on the touch screen for further energy efficient cutting.


Unique in its class, you can now have a fully networked manual vertical slicer that includes the environmentally sustainable Emotion® technology, this technology adjusts the power dependant on the resistance which reduces the power required, hence saving your further energy costs.


When combined with a Ceraclean® blade which can be removed and is dishwasher friendly, you can gain even more energy efficient cutting. This efficient coated blade offer the finest slicing on the market, allowing you to produce the finest sliced charcuterie every time.

Area of Use

  • Particularly suitable as all-rounder for kitchens and cafeterias/canteens
  • Sales counter


  • SmarterSlicing functions:
    • Cleaning, sharpening and maintenance icons
    • Transparent monitoring and central data management
  • Illumination: Optional visual display showing the current device mode
  • Hygienic design:
    • Tool-free disassembly
    • Removable, dishwasher-safe Ceraclean® parts
    • Large distance between blade and motor tower for easy cleaning by hand

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  • Fine adjustment of slice thickness between 0 - 3 mm
  • Innovative blade cover: Intelligent quick-lock system for easy assembly
  • The product contains software which was developed from the OpenSSL project for use in the OpenSSL tool kit (
  • The product contains cryptographic software written by Eric Young (
  • Variant with integrated portion scale
  • Individual equipment:
    • Blade options: Ceraclean® blade, channeled, bread blade, stainless steel blade
    • Carriage and remnant holder variants
    • Product guides even for bias cut
    • Installation via installation bars, feet or lifting device
  • Exclusive Ceraclean® surface finish
  • Flex combinations: Slicer with integrated metrologically approved retail scale
  • Variable cable outlet: Different mains cable outlet positions possible

Power consumption

  • 100-120 V; 50/60 Hz; 1.9-2.3 A (single-phase alternating current with Emotion®)
  • 220-240 V; 50/60 Hz; 1.0 A (single-phase alternating current with Emotion®)


Housing material

  • Anodized aluminum
  • Bizerba Ceraclean® (optional)
  • Plastics


Outer dimensions L x W x H

  • 628 x 572 x 432 mm


Installation area L x W

  • 520 x 430 mm


Work area L x W

  • 667 x 712 x 438 mm


Blade Ø

  • 330 mm


Blade speed

  • 160-300 rpm


Product size

  • Quadratic (W x H): 260 x 180 mm
  • Round: Ø 225 mm


Slice thickness

  • 0-24 mm (infinitely adjustable)
  • 0-3 mm (fine adjustment)


IP rating

  • IP33


Various VSP variants available. Technical data of variants upon request.


3 tips for more safety behind the fresh food counter: More work safety and relief for your employees


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and get more information about how to increase occupational safety and how to relief your employees at the fresh food counter.



Many accidents still happen in the retail sector, although the number of accidents at work has decreased over the last 10 years. Accident prevention in the workplace is therefore an important issue and a major challenge for employers: The use of slicers is associated with a safety risk for the staff and can also be physically strenuous and stressful. In order to relieve employees and support them in their daily work behind the fresh food counter, it is particularly important to offer them a safe working environment and thus prevent accidents at the workplace.


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