Thermal Food Production Label Printer GLP 58

Whether as a Windows® printer or part of a system network, the robust, stainless steel GLP-58 Food Production Label Printer impresses with its fast, reliable handling and multiple functions.

Food Production Label Printer


The GLP 58 thermal label printer is a highly functional and versatile piece of equipment that is able to work as a standalone Windows® printer, or as part of a system network.


A thermal label printer you can rely on


With a robust stainless steel exterior, the GLP 58 thermal label printer has been designed to be long-lasting and durable. Using the latest Windows® technology, the printer can handle commands of any sizes quickly and efficiently. Alternatively you maybe looking for an Industrial Label Printer.


Versatile and adaptable


The GLP 58 thermal label printer is incredibly versatile. For example, the thermal printer can be used to create lists for logistics systems and terminals, print labels and print standardized images from any Windows® application. All of these features can be controlled and accessed via the internet, making the GLP 58 thermal label printer incredibly easy to use.


Improve your existing printing systems


Thanks to its expert design, the GLP 58 thermal label printer is able to improve and streamline your current printing systems. For example, replacing the film rolls is fast and easy, and does not require significant downtime. Aside from the superior printing quality, your business can also enjoy reduced printing costs and tool-free maintenance.


Customisable for your needs


You should never underestimate the importance of labels. The GLP 58 thermal label printer has many customer-friendly labelling options which are sure to delight your clientele. From glossy labels to custom label templates, no matter what your needs are, the GLP 58 thermal label printer can deliver.


To learn more about the GLP 58 thermal label printer and the variety of applications it can complete, do not hesitate to get in touch for more information today. Whether you are already using Bizerba labelling systems, checkweighers and industrial terminals, we can help you integrate the GLP 58 thermal label printer easily and efficiently.


No matter what you printing requirements maybe weigh price labelling systems or a system that will help you comply with Natasha's law. Contact us today to discuss our solutions.

Area of Use

  • as a list printer for the Bizerba logistics systems and terminals using existing lists for printed and measured weight or standard print images that can be modified depending on the application
  • as a label printer for the Bizerba ST terminal using standard print images or the label design program BLD for designing customized labels
  • as a Windows® printer from any Windows® application or from BLD


  • Network-capable, can also be controlled directly via the internet
  • Possible to directly connect PLC and scanners
  • Replacing label and thermal transfer film rolls is fast and easy and does not incur costly production stops
  • Tool-free adjustment and maintenance of printing unit for reduced costs and superior printing quality
  • Processing of glossy labels, also in direct thermal printing quality, for new, attractive and customer-friendly labeling options

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Specifications Facts Details
Printing technology Printing method
Print width
Print speed
Label output
Thermal direct
8 dot/mm
54 mm
80 mm/s
62 mm
Labeler Label size
Label roll

Layout length
Label output
min. W 30 x H 25 mm, max. W 58 x H 166 mm
Core diameter 40 mm, Outside diameter 150 mm
150 mm
Print image at bottom


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