Industrial Label Printer GLPmaxx 160

Thermal direct / thermal transfer Industrial Label Printer for more features, more convenience, more functionality. Regardless if used as stand-alone printer, total printer or if used for weight-related product labeling, the GLP maxx with its Intel® Atom™-based hardware is the ideal solution for today's and tomorrow's requirements.

Industrial Label Printer


Whether you work in the food processing industry, logistics or manufacturing trade, a reliable label printer is an essential piece of equipment. If you think your business could benefit from a faster, more convenient and functional label printer, the GLPmaxx 160 label printer may be right for you.Or you may need a slightly smaller Food Production Label Printer.


Durable and versatile


The GLPmaxx 160 label printer can be used as a stand-alone printer or can be easily integrated into a weight-related product labelling system. The machine is incredibly versatile and can be used to produce both dispatch and stock labels. Labels can be printed up to 168 x 500 mm in size and can be produced as small as 30 x 20 mm. Built to be long-lasting, robust and durable, the GLPmaxx 160 label printer will be a long-term addition to your labelling and weighing system.


Easy to use


With either a 7" colour display screen or a 12" colour touch screen, depending on your preference, the GLPmaxx 160 label printer is incredibly easy and convenient to use. Unlike other weighting and labelling machines, the GLPmaxx 160 requires minimum maintenance and any maintenance of the label printer that is required can be completed without tools.


Network compatible


The label printer is network compatible and can be controlled via the internet. This ensures the label maker can be used as conveniently as possible and fits effortlessly into an existing digital system. Complete with 2 GB of memory, the label maker is able to remember layout data and makes label printing as intuitive as possible. If you'd like to log the data from the machine, a USB is available to easily transfer information.


Designed for maximum efficiency


Time-consuming tasks, such as replacing the label roll, are reduced significantly with the GLPmaxx 160 label maker. The GLPmaxx Linerless processes Linerless labels, which contain 40% more labels than standard label rolls. Contact us today to discuss your printing requirements.

Area of Use


  • as stand-alone Industrial Label Printer
  • for weight-related goods labeling
  • Print width 80 mm (optionally 104 / 168 mm)
  • Label size min. W 30 x H 20 mm, max. W 168 x H 500 mm


  • operating terminal GT-7C with 7" color display or GT-12C with 12" color touch (optional)
  • Printing of UNICODE fonts
  • 2 GB memory on board for article and layout data
  • Program updates, line backups, backup and service printouts are possible with the external USB port.
  • The internal USB port can be used for logging of process data, e.g. for statistical evaluations.
  • Processing of linerless labels
  • Printing and processing of any one and two-dimensional standard barcodes, among other things data matrix and QR code
  • Easy label roll change
  • Servicing of printer unit w/o tools (e.g. replacing thermal printhead, pressure roller)

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Industry 4.0: Intelligent solutions for more success

Industry 4.0: Intelligent solutions for more success


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The new PC-based hardware provides more memory space and fast label data processing. By means of an USB port it is easy to run data back-ups and to buffer statistical data.

The operating terminal GT-7C with color display can be operated ergonomically and thus reduces operating errors.


The GLPmaxx Linerless processes Linerless labels without carrier material. As the roll contains 40% more labels, the retrofitting time is reduced for the same number of packages.

  • Thermal transfer device
  • Printing mechanism width 80 mm - 168 mm
  • Scale connection via I-ADC
  • Winding and unwinding unit for labels
  • Mounting stand
  • 12" color touch display
  • Device version stainless steel
  • Processing of linerless labels (GLPmaxx 160 L)
Specifications Facts Details
Weighing range LR18 A/M 6 kg / 2 g
15 kg / 2 g
12 kg / 2 g
3/6 kg // 1/2 g
6/15 kg // 2/5 g

Minimum load 40 g / verification scale intervals 3000
Minimum load 100 g / verification scale intervals 3000
Minimum load 40 g / verification scale intervals 6000
Minimum load 20 g / verification scale intervals 2 x 3000
Minimum load 40 g / verification scale intervals 2 x 3000

Allows connection of additional load receptors
Printing technology Printing method
Print width
Print speed
Label output
Thermal direct (optionally thermal transfer)
8 dots/mm (optionally 12 dot/mm)
80 mm (optionally 104/168 mm)
max. 250 mm/s
172 mm
printer Label size

Label roll
Thermal transfer ribbon
min. 30 mm (W) x 20 mm (L)
max. 168 mm (W) x 500 mm (L)
Core 40-76 mm, outside max. 150 mm
Core diameter 25.4 mm
Outside diameter 81 mm


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