Unit maker TU 100 Package Labelling System

For the formation of pre-defined package units downstream of a Bizerba package labelling system

Package labelling system


The Unit Maker TU 100 is a unique labelling system made by the leading German labelling brand, Bizerba. It is designed specifically to offer your business's shipping area the ability to establish an efficient systematic packaging process to optimise workflow. The fully automatic system is made up of a two-part electronic package removal station with a diverter arm that is controlled by electro-pneumatic technology. The system is similar to the LCE Line Converger. This innovative device is designed to create units according to criteria defined in advance (such as weight or piece number), optimising your packing process and giving you complete control over your sum labels.


The Unit maker TU 100 has the ability to label up to 100 packages per minute with the help of its adjustable conveyor belt, offering speeds from 20 to 7m/min depending on the size and number of packages to be labelled within a set period of time. The TU 100 can also be fitted with either a belt conveyor or a rolling conveyor, so you can adjust your system to meet your own unique requirements. The unit is also fitted with an optional accumulating section and can package products with a maximum weight of 8kg.


To optimise your workflow even further, the TU 100 is also fitted with a total printer installation plate, designed to dispense the correct total label for each packaging unit at your removal station after you enter it beforehand. With this unit set up in your business's shipping area, you can increase the speed and accuracy of your labelling system while keeping labour costs to a minimum. The high-quality device also requires minimal maintenance, reducing repair costs and streamlining your workflow.


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Area of Use

  • Ideal for the shipping area for commissioning of packaged goods


  • Formation of packaging units after predefined piece number or weight
  • up to 100 packages per minute
  • for products with an individual weight of up to 8 kg
  • optimizes work flows

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For an optimal workflow the TU 100 is fitted with an installation plate for a total printer which after reaching a pre-defined total dispenses at the removal station the relevant total label for the packaging unit.

  • Roller conveyor
  • Belt version
  • GLP label printer

Package size

min. 40 mm (L) x 40 mm (W) x > 1 mm (H)

max. 500 mm (L) x 250 mm (W) x 250 mm (H)


Labeling capacity

max. 100 packages/min (package output is dependent on weight, package type)


Compressed air supply

6 bar


Working height

620 - 720 mm (special heights on request)


Conveying speed

adjustable from 20 –74 m/min



1525 mm (L) x 590 mm (W) x 1200 mm (H, incl. stand for GLP)


Conveying units:

Conveyor belt, optional accumulating section, roller conveyor or belt version



RS 485 SBUS for connection to Gx devices (PROFIBUS), RS 232/RS422/TTY EDP connection to Gx devices


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