Weigh price labeling system GLM-E 50/70

Exact weighing, accurate labeling – and saving a great deal of time. The GLM-E is a fully automatic labeling device of space-saving design which has mainly proved successful as entry level class.

Fully automatic labeler GLM-E has a high-quality aluminum frame which not only stands for cleanliness but can also be cleaned in the blink of an eye. Three belts come standard - based on requirement divided or closed. They ensure fast, exact transport of goods during the weighing and labeling process. Can be used as stand-alone unit.

Area of Use

  • Entry-level class for small throughput
  • with external operating terminal for 50 or 70 packages per minute
  • can be used with manual feed, but can also be integrated into existing automatic production lines for fully automatic price labeling


  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Can be integrated in existing production lines
  • With divided or closed belts
  • For air-jet and/or piston application
  • Large label diameter – minimal set-up times
  • Technology easy to maintain and repair
  • Hygienic design
  • Advice, service and remote diagnostics via Internet

Up to two labelers can be connected to the GLM-E 50 or 70 which can be fitted with air-jet or piston application.


Via an external operating terminal (GT-6 M or GT-12 C) all required PLU data can be recorded. This enables staff to centrally monitor and control the labeling process.

Specifications Facts Details
Weighing range 6 kg
3/6 kg
(optionally 12 kg)
Verification scale interval 1 g (optionally 2 g)
Verification scale interval 1/2 g
Verification scale interval 2 g
Capacity max. 50 packages/min
max. 70 packages/min
(WB 400 mm)
(WB 300 mm)
Display / operating unit optionally GT-6 M
(¼ VGA external)
or GT 12 C
Labeling technology Air-jet labeler
Piston applicator
Labeler Label size

Label roll
min. 30 x 30 mm (air-jet applicator),
min. 40 x 40 mm (piston applicator),
max. 100 x 100 mm
Outside diameter 300 mm, core diameter 76 mm (optionally 40 mm)
Package size min. W 40 mm x L 40 mm x H > 1 mm
Max. W 300 mm L x 400 mm H x 250 mm
GLM-E 70 max. W 300 mm x L 300 mm x H 250 mm
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