Retail 4.0 - retail future networked

Today's customers are networked – across all channels. From their need evolve new trends followed by ever faster retail changes. Networked supermarkets are the future of retail and another step in the development of communication between customers and retailers. In Retail 4.0, online and offline retail are merging to a networked store concept - the omnichannel. Another trend is individuality: Customers expect a better, tailor-made shopping experience. Digitally networked solutions make it possible.

Networked solutions in the supermarket increase efficiency for all sides. They allow, for example, digital order management. This permits customers to plan their shopping from the comfort of their home and pick up the merchandise in the store. Or they simply place their order for fresh products at the weighing terminal in the store before they start shopping and pick up ordered goods after they are done shopping.


Digital solutions also serve the retailer since networking of our solutions goes both ways. From the store to the back office and directly to Bizerba Remote Support – digital networking of devices optimizes your internal processes and allows targeted support when needed.

Retail 4.0: Optimal processes in the networked supermarket

Practical added values: Efficient and innovative solutions for Retail 4.0


Bizerba rethinks Retail 4.0 and offers you matching solutions for innovative store concepts. Whether at the fresh food counter or at the checkout , our digital solutions offer practical added value.


Networked devices offer your customers an enhanced shopping experience. The digital order management saves time and ensures always fresh products on the shelves thanks to in-store production. AI-supported technologies simplify self-service weighing in the produce department. Self-checkout and contactless payment save customers time.


Digital operating and sales processes also improve your internal processes in the store. Software networking of all devices allows centralized management and monitoring from the back office - both from different departments and multiple stores. This will allow you to optimize staff and equipment planning and increase your efficiency. With Bizerba's modular hardware and software concept you always remain up-to-date and have the flexibility to quickly respond to new trends and requirements. Our specialists are happy to advise you to find your individual solution.


Networked solutions for any area in your store

Digital ordering with MyOrder software

Quick and easy: Digital order management at the weighing terminal

With Bizerba's software MyOrder shopping starts before your customers enter the store. From the comfort of their home they can place an order for fresh products using their smartphone. Or advance orders can be placed in the store at a weighing terminal or at the fresh food counter.


Orders are digitally recorded and transmitted to the retail scale at the fresh food counter. The order can be immediately prepared for later pickup while customers are shopping in the store. But MyOrder has even more added value to offer: Additional information on data of origin, allergens or recipes can be displayed during the ordering process.


Smarter shopping in the fresh food department

Intelligent scales offer convenience in self-service

In fresh food departments with self-service areas, our Retail 4.0 solutions ensure a relaxed shopping experience. Intelligent scales can be quickly and easily handled by customers. For example the modern self-service scale MC II 500 Pro with ObjectRecognition and great operating convenience: After the customer has placed a product on the scale, the Bizerba RetailApp ObjectRecognition recognizes the product within seconds and displays it to the customer on the screen. This is convenient, saves time and avoids errors.

Intelligent fresh food counter

Efficient and smart: Networked slicers and scales at the fresh food counter

At the fresh food counter, our smart scales and slicers work hand in hand. Efficient processes are guaranteed through Bizerba's networked omnichannel solutions. New orders are digitally processed.


A modern GUI of the Bizerba retail scales and Flex combinations consisting of slicer and scale optimize processes for your team. This is also possible via the SmarterSlicing functions . The intelligent slicer VSP for example always thinks a step ahead. It actively reminds of upcoming maintenance, cleaning and sharpening intervals. This not only eases the workload of employees but also reduces downtime to a minimum. And your customers are in focus at all times.

Automatic preparation

Best quality through optimal processes in the preparation room

In the preparation room, automatic slicers and packaging machines from Bizerba ensure efficient processing of orders. Intelligent, automatic vertical slicers such as the VSI F T work precisely, slice to target weight and are always networked with the production process. This saves you time and avoids excess portions.


Whether as a semi-automatic or fully automatic, stand-alone system or in a combined line solution: With our stretch wrapper packaging systems you package a wide variety of products in an attractive, safe and hygienic way at all times with a defined shelf life. You prepare best quality for your fresh food shelves in no time. Your customers can always choose from a large assortment of freshly packaged products.


At the same time, you optimize processes with weigh price labelers: Automatic goods labeling with price and declaration data is fully integrated in workflow and back office.

Supersmart checkout

Smooth processes and less shrinkage thanks to smart checkout

Our digital checkout solution can handle another future trend. The Supersmart Scan & Go Loss Prevention System reduces checkout times and improves processes at the point of sale. This intelligent hardware with AI-based software allows customers a new and a better shopping experience: Their shopping process will be easier and faster since they save a lot of time. And they can also pay contactless which saves just as much time.


Sales losses due to shrinkage can be drastically reduced through the secure, multi-step validation process of our smart solution. In addition, you can optimally plan your employees in other areas such as in customer service.

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