Digitize Packaging: Bizerba at the interpack 2017

Balingen, 13-Mar-2017 | Bizerba introduces solutions around the topics of digital transformation, food safety, batch size 1, logistics and labels at this year’s interpack trade show (Düsseldorf, Germany; 4 - 10 May, 2017; hall 14, booth B14).

Many companies use digitization as a means to increase productivity and lower their costs. Predictive maintenance with its underlying software plays an essential role in this context. Solutions presented at the trade show include the Bizerba Cloud Platform based on MS Azure, the GLM-levo price and product labeling system, and the BRAIN2 industrial software including the necessary sensing equipment for connection to the software.

Digitization, Predictive Maintenance, OEE

With predictive maintenance, digitization offers new opportunities in the service segment as well: machine data acquired by the sensors are used to generate a cloud-based virtual representation of the equipment, accompanied by a real-time analysis of the data. Thus, any weak points or defective components can be detected at an early stage, and the service team can be notified by the equipment.


At the show, Bizerba will build a control center to demonstrate its solution portfolio surrounding digitization and predictive maintenance. Machines at the booth will be connected to machines in the showroom at the company’s Balingen headquarters in order to demonstrate the integration and commissioning of machines at remote locations including the simulation of disturbing influences. Possible error messages will be shown along with overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) or label inventory using plug-in systems on the dashboard at the booth.


Food Safety Comes First

Food recall campaigns are costly and have a negative impact on brand reputation in the worst case. Against this backdrop, Bizerba will demonstrate the reasons for recall campaigns along with potential consequences and solutions at the interpack show. Different inspection systems for detecting metal, plastic or glass will also be on display. In addition, camera systems will check if correct labels with correct content are placed at the correct spot.


Sealed-seam control is also a theme at this year’s Interpack show, with a special focus on detecting any contaminations, seam quality and possible inclusions like air bubbles. Demonstrations using specially prepared packages will demonstrate which devices are suited for detecting different defects.


Batch Size 1 and Filling Systems

Online ordering results in new challenges for industrial production lines especially in the fresh-food sector. In this area, Bizerba provides different food-labeling approaches that can be used to label products in an individual, safe and traceable manner even in fully-automatic production processes.


Food tailored to the needs of a specific customer is becoming increasingly popular. With its smartly connected hardware and software solutions, Bizerba supports flexible, efficient ‘batch size 1’ production.


Logistics and Labels

A packing table and a roller conveyor will be on display at the show to demonstrate a packing process with individual commissioning of customer orders. Various load receptors and terminals for package weighing and labeling will also be included.


Transparent thermal labels providing a better view of the packaged product will be the highlight in the label sector. Furthermore, multi-layer labels meeting the demand to fit more information on a small area as well as RF labels acting as an anti-theft measure are additional key topics of this years’ presentation.


Current trends including industry 4.0, Internet of Things, predictive maintenance, the interaction of multiple systems as well as availability and services are all part of Bizerba’s solution portfolio, which will be reflected by new, individually configurable service packages. Customers can configure their service offering according to their individual requirements within ‘My Bizerba’. In addition, Bizerba provides the flexibility to provide a per-use charge approach instead of purchasing hardware and software in the future, enabling customers to select their own portfolio consisting of availability, maintenance and lifecycle management.