RetailApp PushReceipt

Active provision of closed transactions: Optimize and simplify your processes in the market with the RetailApp PushReceipt and provide closed transactions in real time exactly where you need them.

The RetailApp PushReceipt sends ARTS transactions to a configurable target platform after closing of a ticket or label. The transmission path is definable and includes an automatic fall-back mechanism: In case of possible connection failures, ARTS transactions which were not transmitted will be saved and resent until successful transmission. Cash register systems can be supplied with all information in real time via this RetailApp. Receiving instead of collecting – always up-to-date with PushReceipt.




  • Active provision of closed ARTS transactions on the scale after closing of a ticket or label
  • Configurable transmission paths
  • Definable target platform
  • Log files for the transmission of individual transactions available



  • Receiving instead of collecting - optimized processes in the market
  • Cash register systems receive information about closed transactions in real time
  • Transmission of ARTS transactions guaranteed even in case of connection failure: repeated transmission once connection has been established successfully



  • Appendix document available

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