Line converger LCE

Optimizes package handling in material flow systems

By channeling up to 6 product lanes into a single line the LCE allows controlled product feeding from the packaging machine to the price labeler.
Due to specially formed and Teflon-coated alignment rails the converger belt proves its effectiveness especially for flat packages. It can be infinitely adjusted from 10 - 80 m/minute and individually set for each PLU.

Area of Use

  • Package handling in material flow systems, incl. weighing and price labeling


  • Quick belt change
  • Intuitive and easy to work with touch display
  • Easy-to-clean housing
  • High-quality materials

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The required number of lanes along the 650 mm, patented starter belt is freely selectable, and the individual lanes can be switched in any sequence and at independent start intervals – each at speeds between 6 - 60 m/minute.


The transfer speed for a batch of packs and the output speed per packaging lane are continuously variable. With a defined time delay, the Bizerba LCE is even able to safely transport batches of packs that are longer than the actual converger belt to their intended destination.

  • Rotary station for turning packages by 90°
  • Connection of a buffer belt and mobile version of the Bizerba LCE

Height dimensions may vary depending on transport height and version (mobile). Frame heights can be adapted for a project


stainless steel


Number of lanes

1 - 6


Variable lane width

65-560 mm (version length 1900 mm), 65-425 mm (version length 1580 mm)


Package size

min. L 80 mm x W 65 mm x H 5 mm, max. L 650 mm x W 425 mm (B 560 mm) x H 140 mm



LCE 1900: L 1900 mm x W 790 mm x H 750-925 mm (optionally 880-1055 mm)

LCE 1580: L 1580 mm W 790 mm H 750-925 mm (optionally 880- 1055 mm)


Infeed height

750-925 mm (optionally 880-1055 mm)

By means of a crank handle the infeed height can be easily adjusted by up to 100 mm.

(optional height adjustment swivel-mounted). This option should be ordered if applied after thermo-form packaging machine as the discharge height varies for each product!



Belt speeds

Starter belt 6-60 m/min (two speed rates can be set respectively for acceptance and transportation)

Alignment belt 10-80 m/min


Package weight (max.)

7.5 kg/ 2-lane*, 5 kg/ 3-lane, 3.5 kg/ 4-lane, 2.5 kg/ 6-lane

*The weight always refers to one lane.






Touch display, monochrome


Protection type

IP 54


Compressed air supply is required, 6 bar


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