Get the most out of your investment through flexibility

Quickly customizable as required by your production

Frequent product changes, always new legal requirements, additional controls - all this is costing you too much time and lacks efficiency in your filling processes? Bizerba filling systems can be customized and are designed in such a way to quickly adapt to new products or changing circumstances. With a single system you fill containers ranging from 1 kg to 1,000 kg. Setup times are minimal and product changes only take a few seconds. Your staff is able to reconfigure and set up the system on their own without significant previous experience.

Tailor-made solutions from our standard portfolio

Our production depth and scope ranges from development to the finished filling system including terminal and scale - and of course the matching Bizerba software. Therefore, our filling solutions are perfectly integrated and consistently designed from start to finish for maximum efficiency. Even in the standard version they are impressive due to numerous options and features.


Standard systems can be customized to your production conditions and requirements - to the degree of automation you need. Our project management department can help you for more comprehensive customizing. Our mobile solutions let you also use your system across production lines while saving you a lot of money at the same time. Bizerba's industrial software BRAIN2 helps you optimize your production. Existing filling solutions and third-party systems can be easily integrated via BRAIN2.

The all-round solution: One system, various containers

Your Bizerba solution allows filling of the most diverse containers ranging from 500 ml to 1000 l with the same system. Converting to new containers does not cause major downtime. This is ensured by the simple setting of the system with valve and filling point. The valve can be coded. Through increased flexibility you can also fill ecologically and economically better containers such as block bottom bags instead of canisters.


Bizerba filling systems work with gravimetric instead of volumetric measurement – therefore, only the valve which can be easily and thoroughly cleaned externally comes into contact with your products. This lets you easily ensure hygiene and product safety.

Exactly what you need – exactly when you need it

After order placement, your Bizerba filling system will be quickly configured and delivered based on your very specific requirements. This could be, for example, an integration of roller conveyors to feed and discharge containers which eliminates production stops due to pallet changes.


Output and quantities can be flexibly adapted to changing requirements, e.g. by means of additional filling stations, a higher level of automation or more adjustment screws. This makes your Bizerba filling system a future-proof investment.

Learn how to increase efficiency through more flexibility - talk to our specialists

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