Optimal ergonomics and work safety – even in hazardous areas

Prevent work accidents, protect employee health

Even in times of digitization and automation, motivated employees are a company's most valuable asset. Therefore, effective accident prevention and best ergonomics are a top priority for developing our filling solutions. Bizerba filling solutions ensure optimum safety at work, particularly when processing critical liquids such as in explosion protection zones.

Best ergonomics – for healthy, motivated employees

The reduction of physical strain helps your employees increase satisfaction, motivation and working ability. Our systems adapt to the requirements of your production lines thereby helping to optimize the movement sequences of the operators in an ergonomic way. Sophisticated workflows eliminate the need for any lifting by humans - even the valves can be cleaned smoothly without any lifting.

Maximum safety in all process steps

Reduce the risk of injury during filling processes by means of easy-to-use, automated safety features. They not only reduce the accident potential but also help prevent operating errors, for example, by locking the valve, by collision protection or automatic shut-down of processes to prevent the system from getting damaged.


Integrated safety checks let you minimize process-related scrap and wastage of goods. Cross-contamination is virtually eliminated with our systems. Instead of volume-based measuring technology we use weight-based measuring technology. That's why only the valve comes into contact with the product to be filled. The valve can be replaced completely in a quick and easy manner, and cleaned externally.

Strong in protective atmospheres, for special hygiene requirements and critical liquids

The requirements in the hazardous area are high. Our experienced specialists for international Ex-regulations advise you competently. Together we will find a solution that suits your needs and meets even highest standards - easy to use and intrinsically safe within the protective atmosphere or in the hygienic area.

Compact know-how on safety and health at the workplace in our whitepaper


Safety at work during filling



Learn how to increase production reliability and protect your employees with a Bizerba filling solution - talk to our specialists

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