Solution Partner to the Food Industry

In the food sector, Bizerba is your reliable solution partner with knowledge of the industry requirements from many years of experience while continuously following the developments in the industry.

Our soft- and hardware solutions for the food industry

Having to meet the increased consumer demand while at the same time facing these difficult circumstances is not only putting pressure on you to deal with the new requirements, but your entire organization as well.


Our supply chain solutions can help you optimize your processes despite these difficult conditions, allow you to control your supply chain and help you to continuously meet the demands of your customers.


Our solutions for the food industry at a glance

Bizerba hardware - powerful for maximized challenges

Bizerba hardware - powerful for maximized challenges

Having to meet the increased consumer demand while at the same time facing these difficult circumstances – currently, this is twice the challenge the food industry has to deal with. Many manufacturers are having to convert their operations from one or two shifts to a three-shift operation. Bizerba weigh price labeling systems are perfectly designed to meet these high utilization capacities. With high-quality, robust materials and flexible design features, our systems achieve outstanding durability and availability.

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BRAIN2 – smart software increases capacity

A sharply increased demand not only requires much more from your production, but the entire organization must follow suit. The modularly designed BRAIN2 industrial software, for example, lets you respond much more quickly to the emerging situations. It makes it possible to easily adjust production capacities by running additional shifts or by dividing production among several locations – whether nationally or internationally – much more efficiently.

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Etiquetas Bizerba - respondiendo al aumento de la demanda

Bizerba labels – serving the enormously increased demand

The current trend towards stockpiling that many consumers are inclined to follow is also reflected in the surge of demand for labels. With its six own label printing facilities around the world, Bizerba is able to quickly and efficiently meet the additional demand. We have expanded production in these plants to up to six days and keep a sufficient amount of supplies available in our warehouses. We are making full use of our especially large production and warehousing capacities to provide our customers the best possible supply reliability and have consumables in stock.

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Quick support - from a distance yet still close at hand

Quick support - from a distance yet still close at hand

Troubleshooting without delay starts with Bizerba Remote Support: Simply call our service hotline and within no time, one of our especially trained experts in our Remote Support Center will contact you for error analysis and troubleshooting. Additionally, our Augmented Service App can be used to scan the device with a smartphone or tablet. Once the problem has been found, our expert will either guide you through the troubleshooting steps or will remotely access the device to perform the action steps. What if on-site service is required? Then you will be in the very best hands at Bizerba. Because our well-staffed, worldwide service network is by your side to quickly and reliably assist you.

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