Dynamic in-motion scale CWL-L

The dynamic in-motion scales of the CWL series are specifically designed for the requirements in the logistics industry. Even in case of high speeds or high loads the verifiable checkweighers or catchweighers provide accurate weighing results. Design your individual solution with the variety of models and options.

The CWL-L can be easily integrated in your intralogistic conveyor system, e.g. sorting application, infeed line or parcel shipping system. Efficiently configured and parameterized by means of the provided Bizerba software configuration tool it impresses as a catchweigher with its fast and exact weight determination ‒ even at high speeds of up to 3.1 m/s. It reliably checks fill quantity, piece weight, completeness and quality in weighing ranges from 15 to 60 kg.


Due to its modular concept and numerous options the CWL-L adapts to your individual needs. It can be flexibly combined with the Bizerba ls iS30 Logistics Weighing Terminal, iS50 Logistics Weighing Terminal und WM-3 Logistics Weighing Terminal and can be expanded to a system with Bizerba labelers, scanners and volume measuring devices.

Area of Use

The dynamic in-motion scale with weighing ranges from 15 kg to 60 kg can be used for:

  • Check on completeness and quality control
  • Product recognition through scanner station (barcode)
  • Integration into sorting applications
  • Integration in infeed lines (e.g. automated warehouses)
  • Integration ins systems to parcel shipping


  • High speeds of up to 3.1 m/s
  • Flexibly combinable with the Bizerba iS30 Logistics Weighing Terminal, iS50 Logistics Weighing Terminal und WM-3 Logistics Weighing Terminal
  • Numerous interface options and dialogs
  • Configurable program processes: Completeness check and commissioning control
  • Totaling and print release without external PLC control
  • Metrology: OIML, GUS, NTEP and more upon request

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Industry 4.0: Intelligent solutions for more success

Industry 4.0: Intelligent solutions for more success


Our innovative products support you in designing your company of tomorrow.

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  • Start-stop operation
  • Height adjustment of transport rollers with millimeter precision
  • Broad spectrum of height and width dimensions
  • Maintenance-friendly design: Easy belt and toothed belt change
  • Modularly expandable with Bizerba labeler, scanner and volume measuring device
  • Reverse operation
  • Signal lamps and horn
  • Potential-free inputs/outputs, optically or via relay
  • Frequency converter
  • Spare parts kits
Specifications Facts Details
Applications Automatic scale/catchweigher for individual weighings (ACW) with Y(a)/Y(b), also postal with WM-L, iS30-L or iS50-L
Automatic checkweigher (AChW) with XIII(1)/XIIII(2) with iS30-L or iS50-L
Combined application Y(a)/XIII(1) or Y(b)/XIIII(2) with iS50-L
Weighing ranges Minimum load
15 kg/5 g
30 kg/ 5 g
Y(a/b): 100 g/Y(a/b), for postal services: 25 g
XIII(1)/XIIII(2): 2,000 g
30 kg/10 g
32 kg/10 g
Y(a/b): 200 g/Y(a/b), for postal services: 50 g
XIII(1)/XIIII(2): 2,000 g
60 kg/20 g Y(a/b): 400 g/Y(a/b), for postal services: 100 g
XIII(1)/XIIII(2): 2,000 g
Weighing terminal WM-3 Logistics Weighing Terminal Optionally with mini display or external display and operating keyboard as metrology display
iS30 Logistics Weighing Terminal
iS50 Logistics Weighing Terminal
Options Facts Details
Conveyor dimensions Conveyor dimensions flexibly combinable
Conveyor length: max. 3,000 mm
Conveyor width: max. 1,200 mm
Special dimensions possible
Conveyor speeds 0.20 - 0.60 m/s
0.50 - 1.30 m/s
1.20 - 3.10 m/s


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