RetailApp KeyOrganizer

Always well organized: With the RetailApp KeyOrganizer you design your individual interface and article presentation even more flexibly.

The RetailApp KeyOrganizer expands all previous options of GUI design. This makes it easy to flexibly sort and group article data on the user interface and to define its presentation. Irrespective of the master data maintenance, design and arrangement of data on the user interface are designed. Furthermore, with RetailApp KeyOrganizer articles can be arranged in freely definable groups and subgroups for a much better structured user interface. Individual key images and texts can be assigned to articles in order to be displayed. Fast and effective organization of the scale interface thanks to KeyOrganizer.




  • Sorting of article data as needed
  • Grouping in any hierarchy possible
  • Sequence of article data can be defined
  • Maintenance via standard tools such as Microsoft Excel possible



  • Flexible design of contents and layouts
  • Quick and easy maintenance of article presentation
  • Automatic re-arrangement of articles in case of changes
  • Central management possible: Same keyboards can be assigned with a different article presentation.



  • Appendix document available

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