Industrial slicer A 660

Fully automatic slicer with integrated weighing technology for portioning and weighing of individual slices. With fully automatic product fixation. Easy to service and very robust – perfect for industrial use.

Unique in its class - fully automatic slicer with integrated weighing technology for portioning and weighing of individual slices. The Bizerba slicer A660 offers maximum flexibility and efficiency as well as decorative slice depositing and portioning to precise weights of any product. Product remnants are minimized and overweight in target weight portions reduced by up to 15 %. This is possible due to the unique weighing process directly during the slicing process. The automated product fixation and the loading capacity for products up to 900 mm long are especially suitable for equalized products and contribute to optimize the throughput.

Area of Use

Robust slicer for industrial production


Large-scale gastronomy/system gastronomy:

  • Portioning of snack slice of cold meat
  • Target weight slicing of cold cut portions to be served on a platter


Large caterers:

  • Preparation of cold cut and cheese platters
  • Slicing to exact target weight


Supermarket/butchery preparation room:

  • Pre-slicing of cold cuts and cheese for the counters an the self-service area
  • Feeding of small packaging machines


Industrial food processing:

  • Producing convenience foods: In-line slicing
  • Slicing of equalized products and small batches with minimal weight loss


  • Slicing, shingling or stacking of almost any kind of sausages/cold meats and cheeses - and usually without having to pre-frost
  • Compact construction, ideal for use in smaller rooms and relocation in wet area for cleaning purposes.
  • Particularly easy, ergonomic and safe handling during production and cleaning; quickly available with flexible locations.
  • Perfect target weight control with tendency control with to-the-slice precision
  • Simple reporting of production parameters and line output with _statistics.BRAIN
  • Automated product holder allows simple fixing of products with a length of up to 900 mm without requiring any strain. The advantage: reduced setup times.
  • Optimal corrosion protection, sophisticated sealing concept and possible drainage of condensed water
  • Easy serviceability

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For perfect slices product must be optimally guided. Bizerba offers a broad portfolio of function variants. Should further adjustments be necessary, our Bizerba applications team will work on a solution.

  • Integrated scale for portion weighing and weighing of individual slices
  • TCP/IP-connection to _statistics.BRAIN
  • The right discharge conveyor is available for every production requirement
  • Hard-chromium plated blade
  • Product fixation with hold-down device for perfect slicing results
  • Specific exchangeable slicing frames for a perfect hold of the product to be sliced before the blade: Perfect product slice image and depositing
  • T belt: Wide belts for better depositing of small product


  • 200-240 V 3-phase alternating current
  • 400 V 3-phase alternating current


Housing materials

  • anodized aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Plastic


Installation area (L x W)

  • 1666 x 821 mm


Max. dimensions (L x W x H)

  • 2359 x 838 x 2166 mm


Blade diameter

  • 420 mm


Slicing performance

  • With and without scale: 40 - 300 slices per minute


Product size

  • Round: Ø 40-180 mm
  • Height: 30-180 mm
  • Width: 50-210 mm
  • Length: 900 mm


Slice thickness adjustment

  • 0.5-50 mm


IP rating

  • IPx5


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