Hygiene in Production

The design and surface material selection of our devices consistently follow the principles of hygienic design. Our product developers avoid corners and edges, where dirt can collect.

Hygiene in production

Hygienic design


Industrial systems feature an open device design, making it easier to clean them. Sloped surfaces ensure that waste water can flow off. Belt units and belts can be replaced quickly and without tools. The use of the high-quality material stainless steel completes the hygienic design. Easy cleaning of our devices helps to reduce complaints and the amount of work in day-to-day operations.

Software solutions


In addition to the hygienic design concept, software solutions also play a critical role when it comes to hygiene in production. They provide support in automating processes, ensure fewer manual work steps in the production process, thus freeing up the workload for many employees. Our industrial software provides you with the support you need for centralizing, data exchange and security. For example, it allows you to make device changes or replace items directly from your desk. Our software is designed to be modular and transforms processes in a variety of areas.

Our industry software solution for your production at a glance


The app retrieves labeling jobs in the form of XML files from the ERP system. In coordination with the _connect.BRAIN app, it controls price labeling lines entirely on its own. All data relevant to this are connected through _orderProcessing.BRAIN and the actual production data are reported back after the job has been completed.

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BRAIN2 Data_Maintenance

The BRAIN2 Data_Maintenance app for master data upkeep allows you to centrally create and maintain item data and label parameters and send them to Bizerba devices.

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The _connect.BRAIN app integrates Bizerba industrial scales, checkweighers, labeling systems and printers seamlessly into you existing processing and software environment.

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