Bizerba invests in new Global Software Development Hub located in Barcelona

Barcelona, Feb 21, 2022 | The market leading solutions of the German company Bizerba do not only contain hardware but also software for many years. Now, the manufacturer of weighing technology opens a new hub in Barcelona and expands its strategically important activities in the Cloud and SaaS software sector

Bizerba is a German provider for technology and software with market leading position in multiple device and system products. They offer solutions for industry and retail, such as scales, food processing and labeling machines. "Our competence is unique on the market, the possibilities of our software in connection with our devices are tremendously diverse", states Andreas W. Kraut, Chairman of the board and CEO of Bizerba SE & Co. KG.

Building on this know-how Bizerba expands its software competence and continues to invest in digitalization of processes and in new solutions. To further strengthen the international development efforts, and to recognize the strategic significance of software solutions for Bizerba, they open now an own hub for global software development in Barcelona. In addition to the headquarter in Balingen and in close collaboration, the new location will be a central point for the future expansion of this sector. It shall lead to a significant increase in sales of software components. “The importance of intelligent applications, especially for fresh management, frictionless shopping and optimized production management will increase dramatically during the next years”, says Tudor Andronic, Vice President Bizerba Software Solutions.

As a famous location for many important companies in the software industry, Barcelona is also the perfect place for Bizerba to quickly advance this section. Dr Ulrich Heller is director for global software development at Bizerba. He says: “Barcelona is the perfect place to get the employees we need to reach our goals.” In his opinion, the global focus is important to scout new trends where they arise. In the middle of February, the owner of Bizerba Andreas W. Kraut inaugurates the new site location together with Dr Ulrich Heller, with a small ceremony. Andreas Kraut gives a glimpse to the future: “We want to establish Bizerba as a successful global provider for software. This is a big chance for our company.”



The first employees have already started working in the new production site on new pure software products. The site manager, Jose Maria Valiente Cifuentes, expects this site to establish itself soon and to develop into a global software hub for Bizerba. Therewith, the manufacturer of weighing instruments turns one step more into a software provider.