Bizerba USA Inc. Announces California Energy Wise Rebate Program Certification for the Bizerba Model BBO-8L Oven

Joppa, Jan 28, 2021 | Engineering and design upgrades lead to long-sought rebate program certification

Bizerba Oven Model BBO-8L Surpassed Qualifications for California Energy Wise Rebate Program Certification

Bizerba USA Inc. has announced that the BBO-8L baking oven was recently tested at the Food Service Technology Center and surpassed the qualifications for certification in the California Energy Wise (CEW) Rebate Program.


"Achieving certification in the CEW Rebate Program for the BBO-8L has been a goal for several years. With our next-generation BBO-8L, which includes the latest engineering and technology upgrades, the oven met all the certification requirements. Bizerba continuously strives to provide our customers with the latest technology and energy savings in our foodservice equipment and this certification illustrates that continued commitment", said Ron Schumacher, Business Development Manager for bakery.


The BBO-8L is specifically designed and engineered for the hybrid in-store bakeries of today that incorporate some scratch baking with various par-baked products, frozen and pre-proofed dough products to provide their customers with the highest quality and variety of baked goods.


To help ensure quality baking and reduced energy costs, the BBO-8L comes standard with the Intelligent Baking Control (IBC) system. IBC allows a single recipe for a product to be used no matter if one tray or eight trays of product are placed in the oven for baking.


"Bizerba's in-store baking ovens are a solution to enhance our customers focus on sustainability and energy reduction programs. Unlike large, roll-in rack ovens designed for high volume, commercial production, Bizerba baking ovens are 'right-sized' for today's fresh, small-batch, in-store bakeries", said Schumacher. "We have found in surveys that after a couple hours of higher capacity baking in the morning, in-store bakeries are using 25% or less of the baking capacity of their rack ovens" for the rest of the day. Schumacher continued, "in essence they were heating this huge oven all day long that is designed for baking in substantial volume, to bake just a few trays of product. This is not a sustainable, energy-smart baking program and Bizerba provides a solution to this challenge with our BBO ovens".