Bizerba USA Inc. Announces the Launch of a New Oven Line

Joppa, Nov 12, 2020 | Bizerba USA Inc. is excited to announce that it is launching a new ventless rapid cook oven line called "Dragon" for customers who want faster, more efficient cooking options. The Dragon 300H-VRC and 400H-VRC ventless rapid cook (VRC) oven models are engineered to create the perfect synergy between hot air impingement and microwave technologies to cook products 15 to 20 times faster than conventional ovens.

"Over the years, customers had repeatedly asked us if we would consider offering a rapid cook oven," said Joe Hannon, Director of Retail Sales. "We're excited to be able to fulfill that desire, at a very affordable price. The addition of the Dragon VRC oven line to Bizerba’s portfolio of high-quality food production equipment, demonstrates our continuing commitment to be a true solutions provider to our customers."


"Relying on Bizerba’s vast industry knowledge and our high standard of attention to detail and quality, we worked closely with our manufacturing partner to create the affordable Dragon VRC series ovens. We wanted to provide our customers, who operate in a wide variety of foodservice venues, the perfect tool to turn their next food concept into a profitable reality", said Ron Schumacher, Business Development Manager.

Dragon VRC ovens are supported with Bizerba’s Service. Bizerba is the national provider of service and parts in the continental United States, Canada, and Mexico, all Bizerba Service technicians are factory-trained. Our widespread accessibility allows us to install, service, and maintain your Dragon ovens and other products ourselves. The end result is we're better able to help our customers avoid disruptive downtimes that they simply can't afford to experience, especially given current events.

The Dragon series VRC ovens stand out in terms of their effortless simplicity. They can be programmed with up to 240 recipes, in a few simple steps, which reduces the time and money spent on training. These models also have full self-diagnostic capabilities, which means that our customers will never have to guess the cause of a problem when any technical support is necessary.


Bizerba's Dragon VRC ovens have been crafted with modern elegance and functionality in mind. Each oven has an advanced, 7-inch, intuitive, color touch screen controller that features a one-touch "favorites" menu and multiple language support. A USB port allows users to quickly download and upload recipe files.


The interior cooking chamber is fully insulated to help ensure efficient energy use. The chamber walls are made of stainless steel polished to a #8 mirror finish to lessen grease and food particle adhesion for easier cleaning. To protect users, the UL-certified ovens feature no movable interior parts and conform to ventilation recommendations set forth by the NFPA 96 fire and safety standard using the EPA 202 test method.