Digital, Sustainable and Innovative: Bizerba at the Interpack 2020

Balingen, Feb 25, 2020 | The Interpack, the leading trade show of the packaging and processing industry, will be held again this year from May 7 – 13 in Düsseldorf (Germany). Covering the entire spectrum from custom software solutions for digital packaging concepts to environmentally friendly materials and exciting new products, visitors to the trade show will be able to explore Bizerba‘s wholistic solution portfolio at the company’s booth (hall 14, booth C21).

Digital Transformation

The rapid change in consumer behavior, markets and technologies impacts the entire packaging industry. There is an increasing tend towards safer, greener packaging especially in the food industry. At this year’s interpack trade show, some 3,000 exhibitors from approximately 60 countries will present their latest ideas, innovative concepts and modern technologies in this area.

Sustainable Packaging

Issues including sustainability and recycling have been shaping the packaging industry for a couple of years now. Furthermore, this industry has received new momentum by the recent debates about plastic packaging. Although labels represent only a small part of the package, they can make a significant difference for the overall sustainability of a package. From purchasing to production and recycling, Bizerba will present green labeling solutions for sustainable processes at the interpack 2020.

Innovative Technologies

Retailers increasingly use lifestyle-oriented packages, colorful labels and labels made of sophisticated materials in order to appeal customers on an emotional and haptic level. The increasing amount of mandatory consumer information also forces manufacturers to use larger labels. Full-wrap labels are the solution to this problem especially for “ready to eat“ or “ready to cook“ meals. At the interpack 2020, visitors can experience the GLM-levo F-Wrap as the suitable labeling solution for the first time. As no carrier paper is wasted when using full-wrap labels, GLM-levo F-Wrap also makes a major contribution towards a sustainable production. With the full-wrap labeler, Bizerba now provides the products for a complete one-stop solution for weighing and labeling, including suitable labels.